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Jun 21, 2017

So far, all i've done are fashion posts. So to all of you that don't care one red cent about fashion, i'm sorry๐Ÿ˜˜.  I know it doesn't appeal to everyone, I'm just trying to give y'all a little flav-a-flav of it all, you feel me? But, that's all about to change, for today, at least! Once I get back from vacation I'll amp up the home decor and DIY talky. For now, I'm just running on pics I have on my laptop.

I don't know about you guys, but I get the itch to switch things up quite a bit in my home. I don't mean I want to rip out permanent fixtures like flooring, paint colors, lighting, etc…most of the time, anyways๐Ÿ˜‡.  I try to pick fixtures and paint colors that aren't uber trendy, so that they last at least 5-10 years. This way, I'm not spending primo dinero for things that really should be lasting longer. What I'm talking about is seasonal decor, throw pillows and non permanent fixtures. These are quick, easy and inexpensive ways to change the look of a room/rooms without breaking the bank. That's why I haven't installed ship lap on all the walls in my house. (did she just dis shiplap? *collective gasps were heard round the world*) Don't get it twisted, I love shiplap, hard. I just don't want five years to go by and have five bajillion nail holes in my walls after I've ripped it down because it's not "in" anymore, you know? I think trendy things are good, just in small doses, like framed out sections, below the chair rail, accent walls, you get the idea. If I was independently wealthy and could re-decorate my house completely with the ebbs and flows of decor and design at the drop of a hat, I would. That's just not in the cards for this gal.

Today, I'm sharing with you guys our newly, lemon-ized๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹ breakfast nook, I re-vamped for summer.

I love lemons, not only to taste, particularly in sweet tea. But I also love the color of lemons, the smell of lemons too. They remind me of a cleaner, simple palette. Bright, happy, perfect for summertime. I don't know about y'all, but in summer, after the end of a hectic school year, I'm ready to simplify and de-clutter. Not only my desk at work because i'm donezies for two months ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐ŸŒž #hellosummer. But, in my life too, I'm ready for a streamlined approach to all. the. things. So, for my breakfast nook, I decided to zest up the place! (see what I did there?)

My original inspiration came from a gal I follow on instagram, Erin.  Her feed @cottonstem, is stunning. She's very farmhouse-y with a healthy infusion of white/neutral and chippy, antique style. She's definitely one to follow if you don't, she's also hilarious, and very down to earth. I lub her. Unlike her, though, I didn't have a boat size dough bowl and I also don't have $200 lying around to invest in one. I do, however have a smaller, dough bowl I scored at an auction several years ago for around $15. Now, let me just tell you, if you don't have a dough bowl and you want an authentic one, be ready to pay $40+ for it, especially if you want one quickly. I waited a long time for mine and I think it was #worthit for the price I paid. I would, however, check local antique shops, flea markets, estate sales, auctions, craigslist, ebay (link here) or esty to try and find better deals. 

My topiaries, I made. I found the terra cotta pots at Goodwill for .50 each #score. I honestly like older looking terra cotta pots that have dirt and stains on them, I think it adds character. I've also bought new terra cotta pots and aged them on purpose to make them look older! I can do a DIY tutorial sometime on that if you guys want. That's one of those things i'm always on the lookout for in second hand stores and yard sales because you can usually get them dirt cheap, no pun intended. :) The foam forms for my topiaries were under $2 each. But let me say, I do have an inside hookup when it comes to faux stems and floral supplies. I have a wholesale tax ID number for my clothing company. So, in turn, I have access to wholesale purchasing. I'm a member of a wholesale floral supplier, so I can get stuff ultra cheap. However, if you go to good ol' Hobby Lobby and use your 40% weekly coupon or what you're looking for is half off, you can get a comparable deal too! I want to be honest with you guys in how I do all my stuff! Any who, back to the topiaries, I  purchased two varieties of eucalyptus stems and intermixed them when I placed them in the foam form to make them look not-so-fake. I started at the top and worked in a clockwise, circular motion, hot gluing the ends of the stems into the foam form, to make sure they stayed put. I also hot glued the base of the foam form to the inside of the terra cotta pot. I had a box of moss leftover from a previous project, and I cut a piece to size for the base of the foam form, then hot glued it around the base of the topiary. Viola! A topiary for under $5! 

My lemons also came from my wholesale supplier, but, I know Hobby Lobby and Amazon both have faux lemons too! My supplier didn't have any, single packed lemons though, he only had lemon swags. So, I had to improvise. I cut three separate swags a part. They had various sized lemons on the swag, which I actually ended up liking more. Then I bought limes, because they were dirt cheap, apparently people hate limes? #citrusequality. I removed the stems off the limes, and put them on top of my lemons! #crazylemonlady I also cut leaves off the swag and attached leaves to the smaller lemons to cover up the small wire poking out of the top of the lemons from being cut off a swag ๐Ÿ™ˆ. Then, I added in small, 1 inch moss balls to give a different texture, to the sitch. Last, I cut apart a faux boxwood bush and stuck the individual stems at various lengths around the perimeter of the dough bowl. To cut down on spending a small fortune in fake lemons, you can line the base of your container with tissue paper or a towel to build up the bottom and reduce the cost of lemons ratio in your life.

My place settings are a fun story too! The burlap chargers are from Hob to the Lob from several years ago, but they do still sell them. My plates are from my husbands great grandmother! They are similar to the blue willow china pattern, but not identical. I love the color combination of yellow and blue together. And the lemon stems also came from my wholesale supplier. I know Hobby Lobby has these too, because since I took these photos I added two more place settings on the bench side of my table. I got my lemon stems from Hobby Lobby because my supplier was out. I also put in one of the boxwood stem leftovers from the dough bowl, just to add a bit more greenery to the plate. I also added grey linen napkins from TJ Maxx under my plates to give them a more finished look. I added the napkins and two more place settings after I took these pics. So there you have it, peeps, all you need to know about my lemon-y breakfast nook! If you have any other questions I didn't answer feel free to email me or comment below! Happy Wednesday!

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