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Jun 30, 2017

I'm alive! I'm alive! I know the airwaves went silent for about 5 days. But y'all, the last leg of our flight was delayed two hours on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. So we didn't get home until 4 AM Wednesday #dead πŸ’€. So, the last two days I've been catching up on sleep, laundry, showering, you know, the essentials of life. Today, I wanted to share with you guys my entryway! About 4-ish months ago I wanted to change out the bench I had in my entryway seen here. πŸ‘‡

Don't get me wrong, I not only liked this bench, I loved it. Joe made it out of an old iron bed we had gotten at an auction. But, it didn't fit this space. I was always stacking keys and mail on this bench and never using it to actually sit. I didn't have another place in my house where it would fit. So, I sent her packin' down the highway.

I knew I wanted a console table, and I love the slender long ones I had seen online via Cost Plus World Market and Pottery Barn. You know, the usual suspects that make you covet and sin. All those options were $300 and above, and honestly, I wasn't willing to put that much into a console table. So, not long after. I saw a table on my instagram feed from @shanty2chic. They are two sisters, that build all kinds of wonderful furniture, shelves, storage solutions and so much more, such talented chicks! And they share the building plans online for FREE ninety nine! My favorite price! The plans for the table I chose are linked here. Joe built me the table, so if you don't have a handy spouse/parent/neighbor this part may be tricky. I have a healthy fear of power tools, and would not have been comfortable building the table/ knew it would end up looking like something Lucy and Ethel had put together OR I'd be missing digits. HOWEVER, I can tell you the total investment for the lumber was around $40 plus the can of stain which was Weathered Oak by Minwax. So without further ado the table!

I think it turned out GRRREAT (just like Tony the Tiger πŸ…)! I love the grey weathered stain, the barn latch detail on the back and double shelves for additional storage. Just all the heart eyes for Joe and this table. Now, let me tell about how I styled this little nook. First things first, remember how I "dissed" shiplap last post? JK not really guys, everybody just calm down. Instead, I decided to frame out some old bead board in an antique frame I sprayed gold to give my walls the shiplap-y look without committing to hundreds of nail holes in my walls. Just a tip, if you come across some delicious, authentic bead board, make sure you spray it with a clear coat sealer to lock in any potentially hazardous lead paint. 

The botanical bird prints, came from my late aunt, when they were settling her estate. I just sanded the edges of the frame to distress them a bit, but left the original mat and frame. They are super special to me because they came from her and remind me of her every time I walk in my front door. Above both the prints and the bead board is a decorative piece that came off an antique bed. 

On top of the table there are several vignettes happening! From left to right, I have a lantern I picked up from TJ Maxx a couple years ago, with a vintage blue mason jar filled with left over faux greenery. Then, I have a lamp from Lowes stacked on some old books. Next, is my cement squirrel that I heart so hard. Joe got my squirrel from a plumbing side job he was doing, they were gonna throw him away! Blasphemy, I know. So, Joey knows my love language of cement animals and free things and hooked-it-up. In the center, I have a wood piece that was actually a centerpiece from one of my friends weddings and I asked if I could have one (score). After the wedding was over of course. C'mon guys, do you think I would rip it off the table in the middle of the reception? 😏 TBH I might. The jars are filled with aloe, which is a very robust, sturdy, live plant. Basically, the only kind of real plants that can survive at my house. You gotta want to live a lot at my house, cause this girl don't have green thumbs. Movin' on over, are my beloved terra cotta pots. I've been collecting them from yard sales, Good Will, abandoned houses πŸ˜‡. They are so cheap and yet so beautiful with their patina and age. A few I bought new and distressed with garden lime, I'll do a DIY soon. Then, I have some more old books and a fake little succulent in a terrarium I picked up from Hobby Lobby.  My sweet minnow bucket I scored at the Raleigh flea market for $10, that I turned into a succulent dish! 
On the bottom I have a vintage milk crate from Guilford Dairy, filled with faux cotton stems. I have this obsession with old, local, dairy stuff. My grandfather was a dairy farmer and sold to a local dairy, Mellville, for years. So anytime I find Melville products, I freak out! But anything that has branding of dairies within a 50 mile radius of my home is good enough. I have a collection of blue glass jars, the medium one is called a demijohn, but the real deal, authentic ones are supa pricey, so I got the medium sized one from Hobby Lobby, my BFF. The tiny one, I got from a friend @spencerandmason, they make awesome handmade, beautiful, farm tables and custom signs! We did @freshfarmsale together, a sweet outdoor antique and vintage market in our area.  She was also selling a few other pieces at the market and I got this little jug from her. The mac daddy jug I got from a vintage store in town, for $15, it's an old water jug, that was nast-a-lascious when I bought it. There was a dead mouse insideπŸ’€πŸ€.  The wire, milk carrier was a gift from my grandmother-in-law and the milk glasses are all collected Melville ones from over the years. Last, the bucket, I picked up at a local vintage store and had to have it because it said Dairy on it.. DUH #nobrainer

There's no rhyme or reason to how I styled all this, I just play around and arrange things until I like the way it looks. I try to anchor the big pieces on the bottom. Filling in with smaller items to try and create some form of balance. I incorporating greenery, faux or alive to give texture. I'm certainly no expert, I just know what I like. And that's really all that matters, what you like and making a space your own. I shared the back story to all my chotchkies (best guess spelling ?) on this table. Not to tell you where it all came from, but to convey that it was collected over YEARS, y'all. I had most of the stuff before I had the table. When you have a space you're designing, don't think it has to happen overnight. When you rush something or try to fill it in with anything and everything it loses its magic. I like the idea of making a space feel eclectic, collected over time, not acquired all at once. That's the fun of having a home, creating a story within the walls of things that remind you of special people, seasons in your life or what's important to you. It's never about the stuff that's in the home, it's about the people  and fur friends inside the home and the feeling you get when you walk inside that make it important. Love the place you live, make it your sanctuary, your haven, your happy place.  That's what I try to do! Happy Weekend friends! 

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  1. Amazeballs should be a word because you are amazing! Do you remember me asking you to decorate my Christmas tree this year? Don't forget!


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