Hoop there it is!

Jun 25, 2017

Hoop there it is! 🎶🎶 All you 90's peeps are welcome for that little throwback😉. Today, I wanted to share with you guys the hoop-a-palooza above my bed and how I created the look! We've been in our house for almost three years. In those three years, the space in-between the top of our headboard and the bottom of our crown molding was a vast chasm of emptiness. I've been looking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to find the perfect something for that space. But nothing was striking my fancy. I got to a point where I was going through the 5 stages of grief as the space continued to be empty. I was in denial, I just ignored it. Then I was angry that it had been blank for so long. After that, I bargained with myself, I was willing to put anything in the space, just put something there already! Next, I was sad, I thought I'll NEVER find something to put in that space, ever, the end. Then, I accepted the fact that maybe I'll just always have a blank wall above my bed. When I had worked through my five stages of grief for the blank wall, I was trolling scrolling through instagram, a great source for inspo, when I happened upon Erin from @cottonstem and her gorg feed. She had the most intriguing display over her headboard I had seen in a long time. And I loved it, I wanted to tele-transport it over my bed, it was dope.

The headboard display was made out of various sized embroidery hoops. I love the idea of using something that had an original purpose and creating a completely different way to utilize it. So how the heck did you create the same look? I took a screen shot of the image from instagram and I studied it closely. I didn't need my hoop display to be identical, it couldn't be, because my headboard has a rectangular shape and hers was rounded. I had no reference for the size of her headboard, the wall, or her room. I just liked the hoops and the staggered placement with faux greenery. So, off I went to Hobby Lobby to get my hoop de hoops. I purchased 18 in total. I bought one HUGE one that was the largest size they offered, this was the central focal point for my display. Then, I bought 2 of the second largest hoops, I staggered these on either side of the largest hoop. Next, I continued to buy 3-4 of each descending size offered, using 1 or 2 on each side at alternating heights. My total investment for this project was under $60 including the greenery.

I used large sewing needles to hang my hoops. Mainly, because if I didn't like the placement of a hoop (a.ka. I messed up) I could easily remove the hoop and switch to a new location without leaving a big ol' hole in my wall. Before I hung the hoops, I attached the faux greenery which also came from my bestie for the restie Hobby Lobby. I got two different kinds, a dangly, seeded-esque greenery, I'll link it here. Then, a dainty, white flower-ish greenery, linked here. Isn't my descriptive imagery on point? 😑 I wanted to alternate a more "heavy" greenery with a "lighter" one so it didn't feel like a crop of Kudzu over growing above my bed.  I also changed the side I would wrap the greenery on depending on the side of the wall I hung the greenery on with some of the smaller hoops. You know, trying to create some balance people. We all need it in our lives! I tied the greenery on with jute string from Lowes. Erin, from cotton stem, took her strings to the bottom of her molding to create a visual line from her hoops to the base of the molding.  That part of the display didn't really blow my skirt up. I have a more have a more traditional bedroom with formal dark wood, so the exposed jute strings didn't really fit in for me. Howevs, it looks GREAT in her all-white, farmhouse-y, shiplap haven of a bedroom. Thats the great part about design you make something your own. It's not about "copying" someone, it's about getting inspiration from someone or something and making it all your own. You dig? It took me a couple hours to attach the greenery and get the hoops placed like I wanted, but overall, I have been extremely pleased with my wall situation. If you have questions about how I did anything or if you want source info for anything you see, feel free to contact me! Thanks for reading along!

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