Legal Pajamas

Jun 17, 2017

Happy Sunday Friends! Even though I know there's a -10% chance there are any fathers reading this, Happy Papa's Day to all you Dad's out there! I'm so thankful for my Daddy and all he did and continues to do each day for my family. He's a Godly man, that has taught me so much, not always in words but in actions. He's steady, consistent has the greenest of thumbs i've ever seen and if you ever need the truth to be spoken to you, he's your guy, Love ya BIG daddy-o!

We made it to our vacation destination! Yesterday, was travel day, so we had to get up at 2:30am to catch our flight #poorlifedecision. But now, that we are finally here, and through all the security, connecting flights and scary taxi rides by local drivers, that probably don't have a license 😢, we made it and it's truly beautiful. I'll fill you guys in more, and stayed tuned for insta posts too. Maybe if you guys are interested in my review of where we went, I could do that too?

The reason I titled my post today, 'legal pajamas' is because of the amaze-balls dress i'm about to share with you guys. So in advance, you're welcome.

I have an old, ratty, t-shirt that I wear to bed in my weekly rotation of PJ's. I got it over 10 years ago, from my aunt and uncle who own a trucking company, it has a dump truck on the back of it, it's definitely not making the Vogue top 10 must haves for summer. It has holes in it everywhere, it's threadbare. In all reality, it should probably be in the trash. But to me, it's just the right level of soft, you know? Don't tell me i'm the only one that can't part with crazy old, super comfy PJ's? Welllll let me just tell you a story my friends, THIS.DRESS.FEELS.LIKE.PAJAMAS. It's the softest, most comfy dress i've ever owned in all my days. I feel like i'm cheating when I wear it, as if, nothing on the planet could be this soft and be socially acceptable to wear out in public. But here I am, wearing it, in plain daylight! So where did I get this miracle dress? Amazon peeps, amazon rocked my stinking face off on this one. Aaaand it's prime, so if you're a member you get it in two days and its $24. Unreal, I know. And P.S. IT HAS POCKETS! If you've read my other posts, you know my affinity for any dress with pockets and how it automatically makes a dress more amazing. Basically, it takes very little to make me happy, give me pockets in a dress, and I'm a happy girl. My one and only critique would be the deeper v neckline. It's ok for me, because I'm definitely not a busty gal, but if you have little chirruns you are toting around or you're concerned about neck/chest exposure, it might end up being a Janet Jackson situation, Super Bowl circa 2004. Just a heads up. As far as sizing goes on this, I'm wearing a small and it fits great! I'm 5' 8" and typically wear a size 2-4 in most of my clothes just to give you a point of reference.  There are also multiple other color options, if this blue number isn't lighting up your life. Now, let's talk about these adorbs beaded tassel earrings! I'm not usually a dangly earring girl, I don't like it when they slap up against my neck and I feel like my neck needs to be in a collar, because if I move my head too much it intensifies the slappage of the dangles, and it's all I think about, and it drives me a little crazy, news flash Katie, you are crazy. BUT, these beaded tassel beauties are so lightweight, and the slappage is at a minimum for me, so yay! I have a couple pair, these came again, from my bestie, Amazon, for a steal at under $12. I love the vibrant color, and the contrast they add, fun jewels!  I'm still wearing my Tory Burch sandals, Michael Kors wrap watch and my Ray-Ban sunglasses, all wardrobe staples for myself on the reg. I've linked them again, just in case. Thanks for reading along, and stay tuned for more outfit inspo, and updates on our vacay! 

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