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Jun 16, 2017

Happy Friday y'all! We are preparing to leave for our vacation on Saturday #canigetanamen ?  We can't wait to get some r & r  and time away for just us. This past year was a tough one for us, for those that don't know, we were fostering to adopt an infant and fell head over heels in love for seven months. Unfortunately, his birth mom wasn't truthful about who the birth father was and once his biological father knew about him, he wanted him. So, we handed him over to his birth dad, who is a good guy, we were just broken hearted, because we loved him and wanted him to be ours. Ultimately, we know God is in control and He sees the bigger picture, but man has it been tough. So, we threw ourselves into the "business" of work, projects, side jobs, second businesses, coaching, and regular life to distract ourselves form the fact that we missed this little boy. GUYS, that got real serious, real fast and we've only been together twice! Yikes, Any who, long story short, we're ready for vacation for realisies.

This trip is a big one, because while we're gone I turn 30! 😫 I'm feeling a little bit like Joey on Friends,  you know, just in denial about it and all around not ready to accept it. I really thought i'd have accomplished more by now you know? When I was 18, and thought about being 30, I'd think to my 18 year old self "self, you are gonna have your crap together by the time you're 30. That's like, old" lol at me and my dumb, naive, 18 year old self with no visible cellulite, you fool. One thing I have learned through the years is with age, comes wisdom. A LOT of water has gone under the bridge in my years since I was a spry college student. Let me just say, I wouldn't go back and re-do that part of my life if you paid me, mainly because a lot of it sucked.  However, I am grateful for all the trials and hardships, they drew me closer to Jesus and they made me appreciate what's good in life, and not to sweat the small stuff. *Insert doves being released* So, maybe I am ready to turn 30, here's praying and hoping the 30s will be a slammin' decade!

I know, I know, you're all like shut up Katie, we just want to see your outfit. So, for this post, I picked a little vacation inspired look. *Cue the steel drums*

First, let me tell you, I feel 100% like Ricky Bobby in all these photos "I don't know what to do with my hands." Thus, why i'm holding weeds, and scratching my head. I'll get there people it's just a learning curve. 

Now,  the dirty deets about my attire. This top y'all, I don't know about you, but anytime someone says Tunic I'm like πŸ™‹ I'm in! Then, when you add fringe, I mean come on. How cute right? I originally saw this tunic online at J.Crew Factory, however, they didn't have any in store, #sadness . Let me give you the skinny for a minute on buying online vs. in-store for me. Overall, I heart shopping online, mainly because I don't have to deal schlepping myself to the store, digging through inventory only to discover they only have xxs or xxxxxxl and i'm all like πŸ˜‘.  I know, I know, you're all like "But Katie, how do you ever know if the stuff will fit you right?" I've only been bested by the size charts stores provide online a couple times, and then, thankfully, I could return. For the most part, I've had success with using size charts provided on sites. Any who, in some cases, I DO prefer in-store over online. Let me explain myself, for example, J.Crew Factory online only lets you use one promotion or coupon code at a time. In-Store, I can combine multiple offers and my teacher discount. Even though, sometimes stock can be patchy at best in-store, they are always willing to check other stores and have stuff shipped to my house if they don't have the size I need. J Crew for the win! So, let me circle back around to this perfect tunic I saw online at J.Crew Factory and they were out of stock in my size. So, the other day, I was on a mission to get that cute embroidered dress, when I eyed one of these babies on the rack, it was a return from an online sale! And the heavenly light shone round about it. Again, it was $70 original price, eeech. Like I said in my last post, everything this week has been 60% off and I could use my teacher discount bringing the price down below $30!  Let me say, believe they hype, the gauzy fabric breathes so nicely in our tropic humidity here in NC, and the fringe adds such a festive and summery detail. Highly recommend. My little earrings are from J.Crew Factory too, they have some pretty cute jewels, and when they're on sale they are very reasonable! My shorts are oldie goldies from old navy, I'll link a similar pair here. I got my necklace a couple years ago off Etsy they have so many cute options there, I think mine was around $10, but it came from overseas so it took a while to get here. Last, my sandals, they are Tory Burch. The ones I've linked aren't identical, but they're pretty darn close. I know you're thinking, "C'mon Katie, ballin' on a budget? Tory Burch? Boo! Get off the stage!" Hear me out, these are two years old, I have treated them with kid gloves.  They sleep in their original box. Every year, Tory Burch has an annual spring sale on her site toryburch.com and the more you buy the more percentage off you get. I was a first time buyer, so I also got an addition 15% off for signing up on her email list. So, even thought these beauties were originally $250, ouch, they were 30% off on sale and I got an extra 15% off too. Basically, the only way I would be able to convince the budget Nazi, aka Joe that it was ok for me to get them. I've since not gotten any more Tory Burch, but with each new spring and the chance for newness I hope/beg/nag I'll be able to get one more item. 😜 So, there you have it, my tassel-y tunic that I'm ready to put in my suitcase for vacation! Whoop Whoop! Happy Friday Friends, and thanks for reading along! 

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