Thirty Flirty and Thriving

Jun 23, 2017

Well folks, in case you missed it, yesterday was the big day, I turned 3-0! #gulp. I've got so much to be thankful for in my first 30 years.  I'm celebrating on a beautiful island, with my husband of 8 years, as a healthy woman. Thank you Jesus! If there's anything I can impart to you that I've learned in my first 30, I would say don't sweat the small stuff, cling tight to your loved ones, learn to laugh at yourself.  In the midst of  the good times and the hardships always put Jesus first. Am I where I thought I would be by 30? Heck no! I'm not even in the same parking lot of where I thought I'd be at 30. But that's the funny thing about life and trusting God's will. It almost never ends up the way we think it should. I'm thankful though I'm not the one in control, because boy would this be an even bigger, hot mess than it already is if Jesus wasn't at the helm. I think back to that movie with Jennifer Garner, 13 going on 30 and how the little girl's mantra was "Thirty, flirty and thriving". She just thought if she could be 30 all her problems would be solved! I'm not planning out my next 30, like I did my first.  I'm just praying that whatever I do, wherever I go, Jesus is at the center of it, and I'm doing what I can for Him and thrive! But enough of all this me business, let's talk about this dress!

 I know, I know ANOTHER dress. Like for real, y'all, I promise I have more than just dresses in my wardrobe. But c'mon, look at this one! It has pom poms! I got this off the shoulder number last year off Boohoo. This website has super affordable, trendy, clothes. Think Forever 21, only, better quality. I've gotten several pieces from Boohoo, including rompers and shirts too. I've been pleased with all of them. Their sizing is european so make sure you thoroughly check the sizing chart to ensure your order the right size. My shoes are from Chinese Laundry, I got these last year too. I always get compliments on them everywhere I go! They are fun, festive and perfect for summer! Just be careful when you lace them up, the pom poms can detach so handle with care. My tassel earrings are from Target, they are a cheaper brand of Bauble Bar that is sponsored through Target, SugarFix. They have similar styles to Bauble Bar, they are just a bit more affordable. I love them. Thanks to all who have wished my Happy Birthday, I'm truly blessed!

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