Salutations and an embroidered dress

Jul 31, 2017

Originally posed June 16, 2017

Welcome to Southern Belle'n' on a Budget! Eeeep! Y'all! I'm so excited to have this blog go live! So this little blog came about after months and months of thinking and finally taking the big plunge to hit PUBLISH. It's a super scary button btw, it makes everything real, it makes me vulnerable to critique, yet here I am ready to give it a try!

I started this blog because over the years I've had so many people say, "Katie, can you buy clothes for me?" or "Katie, I love your outfit!"or "Katie, can you come decorate for me?" "Katie, how did you make that?" Lets also get it out there that THIS.IS.NOT.ME.TELLING.YOU.I.KNOW.EVERYTHING mmmkay? This is just me wanting to share how I come to pick out my outfits, decorate my home and do DIY projects. It's called a budget/the iron fist of Joe (my husband). When we first got married, I was very sick, I had to have a bone marrow transplant. Thank you Jesus, I'm healed! I just celebrated my 7th transplant-a-versary! (phrase copyright me). While I was sick and unable to work, we lived on one income, so I quickly had to learn how to be fashionable and decorate my home on a very tight budget. Even though, we are financially stable these days (don't get me wrong, we are not rollin' deep in the streets). I still like to find bargains for fashion and for my home. So this is my little corner of the internet to share all that with you guys!
Also, I #love fashion bloggers and follow so.many. on instagram. However, most of them, have hundreds of thousands of followers, with corporate sponsors and some even have their own clothing lines! That is so awesome, and I know they all worked their fannies off to get that far in their blogging careers. But, when I click the link to buy the awesome dress they have on in their beautiful post, my heart sinks a little when I see the $100+ price tag on most of the items. #realitycheck. This girl can't afford buying $100+ dresses on the reg to stay trendy, you feel me? So I usually seek out dupes that are similar in style but wayyyyy lower in price.
Same goes for all the lovely home decor I see in magazines,  on instagram, pinterest, HGTV and of course the Godfather of farmhouse decor Joanna Gaines (my spirit animal). You know, the usual suspects that make us all swoon/want to rip our houses down to the studs and start from scratch. I try to find creative ways to re-create similar things I like, but I also enjoy being creative and defining my own sense of style. I like the challenge of only having x amount of dollars to decorate with, its like a game to see how beautiful I can make a space for a small amount! Disclaimer: I also have a super handy husband. You know that guy who's the budget gestapo? He's also like a crafty wizard with power tools #blessed Don't have a handy husband/budget Nazi? FEAR NOT! Most of what i'll post on here is stuff I make/create and if Joey does help me, I'll be sure and include detailed building plans that you could do too!
Now, without further ado (is that how its spelled? I've never known) Here's my first outfit post!

Dress from J.Crew Factory, Shoes and earrings (old) from Target, Watch Michael Kors from Amazon & Sunglasses form Sunglasses Hut Outlet

I've been LOVING all the embroidered things this spring/summer but most of what i've seen online has been overpriced (in my opinion). THEN, I saw this little cutie dress at Factory J. Crew I loved all the intricate detail, the colors, not to mention it has POCKETS, that automatically makes any dress 10,000 times more appealing! The original price was $98.00 *insert crying emoji* 😭 This week everything is 50-60% off and I used my teacher discount #praise to get an additional 15% off bringing the total for this little cutie under $40!

 My Shoes are an online exclusive from good ol' Target (said in my french accent to sound fancier) I love the bright pop of color they add! So affordable and comfy! They are currently $27.99, a couple of weeks ago they were running a promotion if you bought a dress you go the shoes half off and I had a gift card from teacher appreciation week I had been squirreling back, so I took advantage! Target is always running great sales and online promotions so check regularly for deals.

 My earrings are from target, but they are literally 100 years old. I think I was in college when I got them, so yeah, antiques. But I've linked similar ones here that I actually like better than mine! My watch is one of those outfit staples that initially costs more up front, but, It's something you can wear for years and years so I don't mind investing in a few key pieces like that. Mine is a Michael Kors leather wrap watch with a gold face, I lurv it, if it had arms I would hug it. It's such a versatile accessory that can be worn with so much. the end, I love her. She came from amazon and it's actually cheaper now than when I bought mine #salty, so run don't walk to get this lovely, if indeed your in the market for an amazing timepiece. Last, my sunglasses are another on of those investment pieces, I wear contacts, so my eyes are super sensitive to the sun. I wear my sunglasses more than I don't so these beaut's are worth their weight in gold I purchased mine at the Tanger  Outlets but i'll link the same pair here.

 Well folks, that's all I have for today, but I sure do appreciate you stopping by and checking out my lil' bloggity. If you have any questions please email me or join my email list to stay in the know!
Before I go though, I wanted to share, the reason I came up with my name, all the time I use the phrase Ballin' on a budget. But I wanted to incorporate the fact that I'm a southern girl, with southern roots that run deep and a mama that taught me to always look my best and present myself and my home as well as you can. So Southern Belle'n' on a budget is a play on the words Ballin' on a budget with a spin towards being a southern belle and all that it entails. Ok, that's all, for now at least! πŸ˜‰


  1. That dress is so cute. I read that it ran big, how many sizes down from your regular did you buy?

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