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Jul 29, 2017

Happy Saturday Friends! I'm back from a week at the beach with the fam, and like I said in my last post; it's nice to reconnect with family and spend quality QT with your unit. Even if, some of you have to sleep on blow up mattresses and couches to all fit, #worthit. I love those little cheeseburger heads, and so enjoyed seeing them have such fun together. I can't wait for our little one to join in the mix!

Anywho-sers, question for ya, does anybody else struggle with decorating for the in-between seasons? You know, after Christmas, it's still winter, but you can't bring out the tulips and daffodils, yet. Or, after 4th of July, you can't bring out the Jack-o-lanterns and ghosts, right? Riiiight? πŸŽƒ As much as all my impulses and lack of patience want to chime in with the high speed, decor pace of Hobby Lobby and all their cornucopias and tinsel. There's also a part of me that wants to live in the moment and enjoy the season of now. Today, it's been below normal heat stroke temperatures, school is about to start soon, pumpkins are small and forming on the vines. And it's giving me all the late summer/early fall feelsπŸπŸ‚πŸƒ. Sooooo, since the 4th of July passed, I've been trying to find the right wreath for my front door that says Hi, it's late summer/early fall, come on in! Of course, I've been unsuccessful in seeing anything that screams, me. So, in true Katie fashion, I just made my own *insert shrug emoji*. I wanted to share the steps and materials used to make it! πŸ’ͺπŸ”¨ *Disclosure* I have an oversized door, this is the amount of material I needed for a 20" wreath, to not make mine look dinky, you know? If there's anything in life I can't take, it's a dinky door wreath. For most folks, with an average size door 36" wide, the rule is to use a wreath that's 2/3 this size of the upper half of your door. Y'all should use a 12-16" grapevine wreath, and you'll be in great shape, with no dinky door wreath.  You would need to purchase the same amount of material, just use less of it to accommodate a smaller wreath. It's a delicate balance between a wreath that's too small or a wreath that's too big. Ones that are too big, will end up getting damaged trying to cram on a smaller surface area, with the open and shutting of the door. See people? I'm saving lives and doors from the difference of dinky to daunting and oversized. You're welcome.

Materials needed:

  1. 20 inch Grapevine wreath (for most doors, a 16 inch will work perfect) (Cost: free, already had wreath)
  2. 2 cotton picks (cost: free, already had picks)
  3. 1 small, faux, green pumpkin (Cost: $3.25)
  4. 1 bundle of orange sherbet-y (super specific color tone, lol at me) flowers (Cost: $3.50)
  5. 1 bundle of darker orange, small wax flowers (Cost: $1.25)
  6. 1 bundle of white daisies/white cone-y dealies/white fuzzy balls (i'm basically a literary genius) (Cost: $2.25)
  7. Various sized pheasant feathers (Cost: free, Joe killed it, we ate it πŸ—, & I kept the feathers)
  8. 1 bundle of dried lotus pods (pack of 6) (Cost: $2.25)
  9. Floral wire, wire cutters, floral cutters

First, I anchored the pumpkin in the center of the wreath. I poked floral wire in the bottom of the pumpkin, gutted it like a fish, I did. Then, I wrapped the excess floral wire around the wreath and twisted it tight to secure in place.

Next, I took ALL the florals, feathers, cotton and pods and split them in equal piles. I'm a symmetry freak y'all. I'm not one of those asymmetrical people, I can't just put one of something on one side and three on the other…my mind doesn't operate that way, I'd go bonkers! So, for peace and harmony I separated my supplies into two equal piles, and they lived happily ever after, the end.

After the the punkin' has been secured in place and the florals have been split down the middle. I start placing the largest items in place first, this was the cotton stems, orange sherbet-y flowers and lotus pods.

I continued working my way down to the smallest materials. The sherbet-y daisies, white cone-y deals and the white fuzzy balls. Next, I added in the darker orange wax flowers, and last the pheasant feathers. In the pictures below, you'll see how I gradually added in the smaller materials, down to the pheasant feathers.

I tried to place the materials in such a way that created a gradual, larger, fanned out effect. I achieved this, by anchoring the wreath with the largest piece first, the pumpkin. Then, I worked my way out and gradually down with the size of the material trying to produce symmetry and balance. I am super stoked with how this wreath turned out, and I hope you guys like it too! If you have any questions, feel free to comment, OR, if you want me to make one for you, I can do that too! Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Saturday! 

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