My White Whale

Jul 10, 2017

Happy Monday…errr should I say thank you Jesus, Monday's almost over😏. I've been getting back into the swing of things and actually had to go to work today *choke*. I know you non-teacher, people have no sympathy for us folks that work 10 month out of the year. However, I work with middle schoolers, so I feel like God designed the academic calendar to have two months off, so we don't commit crimes of brutality. Summer has been going by SO quickly, but it's been wonderful to scale back, simplify and take it easy for a bit.

Anywho-sers, I wanted to chat a bit today about my recent white whale.  You know, that one thing you're addicted to, and you let it consume your life and it may potentially make you go bankrupt because you will stop at nothing to keep collecting, and get just. one. more. piece. Just me? I clearly should never try drugs, my addictive personality would leave me panhandling on the street corner. #truth

I'm late to the party here, but I just recently discovered Rae Dunn. Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about, and others may not have a clue. Rae Dunn, is a clay artist based out of California, that has been around for decades. Just recently, in the last 5 years or so, her collection of white enamelware has exploded in popularity, mainly, due to farmhouse style instagramers. She has mugs, plates, cookie jars, spoon rests, dog bowls, etc. they have simple words but they are so clever and catchy. The thing is, you can only get her stuff from TJ Maxx, Marhsall's and Home Goods. Apparently, before Rae Dunn became a household name, you could go to TJ Maxx on any given day and take your pick of any Rae Dunn piece, le sigh. Well, my friends, the times, they've changed. Think black friday type chaos for these pieces. People cheat, lie and steal to get their grubby paws on pieces of Rae.

I honestly, had no clue of the popularity. I had seen a few of my favorite instagramers, like Liz Marie Galvan and Erin from Cotton Stem have them in posts. But I never looked into where they came from or what they even were until recently. I primarily noticed the mugs, I loved the artisan, organic shape of the mugs, the clean white color the fact that it holds SO.MUCH.COFFEE. and the witty words on them. I just didn't know where to get one. So I first searched my go to spot, Amazon. And let me say Amazon has them, you will just pay exponentially more on Amazon. This is where the crazies bring their Rae Dunn, they buy in bulk from The Maxx, and they re-sell them for mucho dinero here and on ebay. I am guilty for taking the bait and I bought my first mug off Amazon for $25! 🙈🙉🙊Y'ALL THAT WAS CRAZY. Don't get me wrong, I love that mug's face off, but once I realized I could get them so much cheaper, I was like forget you Amazon, I hate your stinin' guts, you make me vomit, Love Darla. I documented my first mug on Instagram, seen below👇. Cute right?!

Once I got that first Rae mug, I was hooked. I wanted more, I loved it, I needed more. So, I started my pilgrimage to find more Rae. I started in the most logical place, my local to me ,TJ Maxx, my home away from home. TJ Maxx is my jam, I think in my mind that I have personal stock invested in TJ Maxx. I feel entitled in TJ Maxx, it's my store, when other people are in my store I get annoyed. I say to myself, self, why are all these commoners in your store, on your aisle, trying on your shoes? How dare they? Peasants. So, I searched the spot where the mugs are in the home section, no Rae. I searched the mugs near the register, no Rae. I'd heard a rumor, if you asked one of the clerks they may have additional Rae "in the back". So, I asked the employee if she had any Rae Dunn in the back, I hadn't seen any out on the floor. Y'all, this clearly struck a nerve, I had no idea it would. She snapped "Whatever we have, we have! If it's not out, we don't have any!" "you'll have to check back later in the week when we get another shipment in, but I CAN'T hold anything!" *yikes* My journey to all things Rae started with a major grumpy pants. You never know the miles a person has walked before they got to you, so I tried real hard to be like Jesus and I smiled and said thank you anyway. But it definitely made me think twice about asking again. But you didn't think I'd give up that easy did you? C'mon guys, I'm no quitter! Next thing I did, I let me fingers do the walking for me. I called all the Marshall's and TJ Maxx's in Greensboro. Most of them said they had a few Rae pieces, with major uncertainty and ambiguity in their voices. So, I high tailed it to Marshall's like a crazy person. Let me say the staff there was SO nice, they were helpful, kind and encouraging. I'll be going back again fo' sho. Even though they only had like one mug, my experience there was so good. And let me tell y'all, when I saw that glimmering piece of Rae, my pulse raced. My heart skipped a beat, it was an adrenaline rush! I HAD to find more! Next, I made my way to Home Goods, I got the same tepid, annoyed response from the staff there, like he'd been bum rushed by a bunch of crazies earlier in the day loading cart full's to re-sell online, and didn't want to deal with little ol' me. Onward we went to the TJ Maxx, where I hit the mother lode! I scored around 5 mugs and I found a bowl! A secondary obsession to my mugs. They are the perfect size for cereal, ice cream and all things that need to be neatly secured in a bowl size vessel. 

Since my pilgrimage I've gotten quite a few a crap ton more pieces. It's like a high when I find a mug I don't have. And let's talk about the price, they are all in the $3.99-$4.99 range. I MEAN COME ON, for $5?! This can't be real. Oh but it is, my friends. It's so real. If you can get past the occasional annoyed/disenchanted staff that clearly hate Rae Dunn, you can find a variety of items. I've yet to see a canister, apparently they are like unicorns around these parts. But you best believe, if I find one, I'm a snatchin' her up! I know, you're all thinking, this girl has lost her marbles, jokes on you, I lost them a long time ago. Haha. (in my crazy laugh) But seriously, I know Rae Dunn isn't everyone's cup of tea, and that's what makes the world go round' and leaves a few mugs on the shelf for this gal. But for me these days, I enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  I enjoy the affordability factor and not to mention, these cutie mugs that hold all the coffees. So join me in having an unhealthy addiction to an inanimate object, won't you?! But don't go for the same mug as me at the same time in Marshall's, that's when I take my clip on earrings off, and stuff gets real. I'll throw some bows for Rae😜 or will I? Happy Hunting!


  1. So funny! I will be on the lookout for you! Do you want ANYTHING by her?

  2. I feel like it's not as big of a thing out here in Colorado- I see them all the time when I go to My Happy Place (a.k.a. Marshall's). Of course now that I will actually look for them, they will be gone, so the rule goes. -Laura


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