Nordstrom Sale Picks!

Jul 14, 2017

Happy Fri-Yay friends! By now, I'm sure you've all heard about the pandemonium surrounding the annual Nordstrom Sale. It's WILD y'all, like grab women and children first, and head to the lifeboats, wild. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, Nordstrom, every year has a mega sale end of July through first of August where they release their fall items and mark them WAY down. It's a chance to stock up on next season items early. I know we're all sweating just thinking about walking outside, and could never in a million years dream of putting on a cardigan, but if you could get that cardigan half off…maybe you'd contemplate? I know I would.

Right now, the sale is only open to card holders. I am not a card holder, 😒 #sad. The iron fist of budgets aka Joe, does not allow extemporaneous credit cards. He says WWDRD? Translation: What would Dave Ramsey Do? *Ugh*, And let me say, I'm thankful someone in our relationship has a fiscally responsible moral compass. If it were my job to keep the books, we'd be in a heap of trouble folks. I know, it's the responsible, grown up thing to not have tons of credit cards yada yada yada, but at the same time, I am mere flesh and bone people! If you cut me do I not bleed? If you starve me am I not hungry? If you dangle amazing deals in front of my face, do I not want them? I mean can I get a witness?! Thus, I have to sit, wait and watch all the buzzards ( card holders) scoop up and scavenge all the amazing deals . Then all that will be left for us lay people are scraps. I have a GREAT attitude about it don't I?

SO, until the sale is open to the public, July 23 at 12AM EST, to be exact 😁. I've created my mood board of what I would love to get, for this epic, historic, yearly, amaze-balls sale.

Nothing I've chosen is too outlandish, most of my choices are affordable wardrobe staples. Of course some of the boots would be a splurge, but they would be some of those key investment pieces you keep for years to come. So let's dig in, shall we?

#1 linked here, are the slip on, shoreline, converse sneakers. They are also available in a off-white, and still available in all sizes (at the moment), for $35, they are a great, casual staple for any wardrobe.

#2  linked here, these Frye boots are a splurge for sure at $197. But, they are 35% off regular price, which is a rarity for Frye. AND, they go with basically anything, or at least that's what I'd tell myself, like Monica on Friends, when she convinced Chandler her boots went with everything. 

#3 linked here, is the most essential of all the essentials, its the BP pocketed long sleeve tee. It's soft, has a long hemline and has a pocket. What more do you need? Oh, PS, it's $18! I've gotten these in years past and they are great quality and great for the price point. Although, word on the street is, the solid colors are a bit see through, so I would stick with the stripes on this one. Follow the sizing recommendation, I have it in a small from last year, and I'm 5'8" with broad(er) shoulders.

#4 linked here, the BP longline cardigan. It comes in multiple colors and is a excellent staple to layer with for earlier fall and later on with long sleeves underneath. Follow sizing recommendations, great value too at $31.90!

#5 link n/a, currently unavailable bc (cardholders) *emoji eye roll* Howevs, I'm most assured these Vince Camuto OTK boots will re-stock for the commoners, like me. This again, would be a splurge for sure! But, with the darling laser cut detail, and the fact that they are flat heeled, I could wear these babies for a 12 hour work day, they are versatile with the nude color and would carry me into multiple fall seasons. So, if you see Joe on the street, tell him they are #worthit. A girl can always try. 

#6 Also unavailable at the moment, this BP ruffle sleeve blouse is so cute! It would dress up any pair of jeans and paired with booties? Fo' get about it! At $31.90 this is a deal, just pray the Nordstrom Gods find favor with us and re-stock! 

#7 Also unavailable this Lush, V-neck T is a wardrobe staple, it has the long hemline, comes in multiple colors, when in stock, for the $15 price it's yet another deal. 

#8 Unavailable at the moment this Calson, split side tunic, originally came in multiple colors and would also layer well with a plaid or flannel underneath for later on in the season. It was $45, a little pricier but, a quality sweater for sure.

#9 Unavailable from the time I created the board to link it now! #insane This Plaid shirt/tunic is a neutral piece that can be dressed up or down at $31.90 it was a great deal, hopefully it will be re-stocked!

#10 Unavailable this TopShop open front cardigan is one of the pricer clothing pieces at $54, but it is a high quality sweater, and would be a versatile layering piece throughout fall and winter, a winner in my book!

I know guys, over half the items I listed are unavailable! You're probably thinking, gee thanks for nothing Katie. But, I mention them, because they are ALL popular, key pieces, and If I know Nordstrom like I think I do, they will re-stock them all. You guys just have to be on your A-game and check regularly for availability. If you see something you like, and they have your size, buy immediately. Pull the trigger, right then and there, don't hesitate, if you do, it.will.sell.out. This is the wild west of shopping, there are no rules, it's a lawless land, every man for himself! Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit, there are rules, but people are snatching stuff up left and right! So, if you're in the market for some new, fall wardrobe staples check out the Nordstrom sale! I definitely don't get paid for this, It's all deals I found on my own and think are worth sharing. Nordstrom also has great customer service, they have free shipping, free returns and usually the shipping is super fast. 

Another option if you're not a card-holder like muah-self, is to go to a Nordstrom store. You can't get access to the sale items, just like online til July 23. However, you may find more sizes and options you don't have online, in-store. I'm just giving you all the angles and options my friends! Hopefully, this was helpful to someone out there, if not, it gave me a chance to dream of what could be. 😜 Have a great weekend!

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