That time I met Chip & Jo...

Jul 25, 2017

It's Tuesday, Tuesday! Probably the last of the days of the week I'll be excited to share about, bc school starts back soon 😰. I'm at the beach this week with my family, we are enjoying togetherness, good food, sleeping in and the beach of course! It's nice to spend quality QT with your original unit and bring it back to where you came from, good stuff people, do it if you can. One day you'll look back on all these memories and wish you had more of 'em.

Today, I wanted to share with you guys the time I got to meet Chip and Jo! It was about a year and a half ago, and it was THE.BEST.DAY.EVER. One of my soccer players, Hi Paisley! πŸ™‹ Her parents, own a furniture store in town, and they were one of the few stores in the nation that first signed up to carry the Magnolia furniture line. So, they got to have a private meet and greet with Chip and Jo at the High Point Furniture Market! I got down on my hands and knees and begged with all my heart and soul, for these fine folks to let me tag along with them to meet Chip and Jo and they said Yes! I was SO EXCITED Y'ALL DONT EVEN KNOW.

I love Joanna BIG Y'ALL.  But really, who doesn't? It started, when Fixer Upper, first came on TV. It was so refreshing, you know? It was like a breath of fresh air on television. Not just from a design perspective, farmhouse and subway tile has been done a thousand times over. It was for me, more of the image they portrayed, outward. They were a family, with morals and obligations to their adorable 4 children first, and then to their business. They have a healthy marriage, and they feed off each other to make a dynamic construction/design business. It's evident in how they treat each other and those they interact with, they are christians. The more and more I stalked researched them, I found out, in fact, they are strong christians with incredible faith and tremendous hearts. Basically, perfection.

I had been to market one other time with a friend, who's mom has a business and gave us passes to go. But it was an evening after work, and the show room was closed #depressed. We we're like little children pressing our faces up against glass, leaving fingerprints and breath from leaning in and craning to see every square inch of that show room. Even then, it was spectacular without setting foot inside the show room.

Flash forward to Spring 2016 and I was actually getting to meet them! *Cue panic attack* We meandered around the market for an hour or so, Paisley's dad bought from other vendors and I ooed and ahhed over all the elaborate show rooms and fancy decor. I highly recommend not attending the High Point Furniture market if you can help it. It will create deep seeded resentment and hatred within your heart of your own home and make you want to rip everything out and start afresh. All the while the anxiety was building within me, I was FREAKING out! What do I say, to freaking Chip and Joanna Gaines?!

So then, we started our ascent to the Magnolia show room. It was legit, they're were security guards everywhere. You had to have a special invitation they scanned to enter the showroom. People were getting turned away left and right. I just knew they'd discover I was a faker and throw me out, but I made it in! Whew,  As soon as you entered the show room, they were right. there. Like so close, I could hug them, but I felt as though the 7' security guard WOULD NOT appreciate me hugging them. I didn't want my first impression of Chip and Jo to be me being taken down by the guard and being hauled out as a psycho πŸ™†.

Surprisingly, there weren't that many people in the show room, I would guess 100 tops. And there they were, in all their glory, right in front of me. eeeep. People were lining up to take pictures with them, but the line moved kinda slow. The reason why was because, Chip shook every single persons hand and looked them in the eye (through his aviators, lol) and thanked each person for coming out to support them and this furniture line. He wanted to have real conversations with every person. Their assistant would eventually say, "c'mon Chip, we have a line of folks waiting to meet you!" As I inched closer, I wiped my sweaty palms, wracking my brain for what in the world I would say to the people that I basically loved.

My turn came, Chip stuck his hand out and said "Hey there, what's your name?" "Katie, I quivered" "Katie, it's so nice to meet you, thank you so much for coming today and here to support us." I thought, no thank you, Then, Joanna did that same, I thought here's my chance! I told her "I really appreciate how you put your family first and represent Christ to the world on television. She put her hand on her chest and said "Thank you, that means so much to hear" I was freaking out!!! Joanna was literally an angel, she was beautiful, calm, constant sure of her identity. Chip was sincere, whole hearted, genuine and a real cut up, like that's not just an act. He's also way taller than I thought! He always jokes on the show about how short he is, but he was significantly taller than me. As I sat there in-between these two, in a Chip and Joanna sandwich, I thought THIS IS AMAZING!!! So then I got my chance to have pictures with them, we snapped a few, and then all the people in front of us, started laughing. I had no clue why, but I didn't' care! I was wedged between HGTV royalty! I realized, Chip had taken Joanna's hair and was holding it up to be silly. She fully embraced his silliness and went along with it. But after, I looked at them and said "but seriously, can we get a real one now?" And Joanna said "of course" and smiled.

I was cheesin' so hard,  my face was about to fall off! I had just met two of my most favorite people and they didn't disappoint me. You know how you've heard famous people can disappoint you when you meet them in real life? Like they didn't live up to the hype? Not the case with these two, if it's possible, I loved them even more after this meet and greet. They were gracious, kind and sincere. Everything I hoped they would be and more. 

After I met them, I was on cloud nine and could hardly absorb the rest of the show room I had left to see. There was an area showcasing dining room tables and china hutches, gorg, obvs. There were bedroom displays, there was a beautiful replica of their farmhouse kitchen. In the kitchen, they were serving hand painted artisan cookies (which I still have, and plan on turning into a christmas ornament πŸŽ„πŸ˜), asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, lemonade, and all the beautiful hors d'oeuvres your heart could stand. 

Every square inch of the show room was thoughtfully and strategically designed and displayed. It was a  feast for the eyes. As you came around the other side of the Kitchen display, there was a section debuting her new Kilz brand paint line, all the colors are basic, beautiful and transitional able to work in any space. But by now, I'm sure you've seen all the paints. After this, there was a darling section of children's beds and furniture, displayed to be just like Joanna's daughters' room, precious. Next, was the living room section with couches, coffee tables, credenzas, basically anything and everything that could fit in a living room and be fab, it was there. When you came full circle to the end of the showroom, right before where Chip and Jo were, there was a lady handing out these adorable canvas bags that said "bless your home" in calligraphy script and Magnolia paint on the back. Inside the bag, there was a tiny paint can, the can said vine ripened tomato. Inside the paint can, there was a seed pod for tomato plants. And a packet of seeds for wildflowers, how stinking cute right?!?!?! There were coasters, info on the new paint line, and a couple other informational brochures. Leaving with a physical piece of the Magnolia home line was almost more than I could take. Then, we saw a few people going back to get their bags signed, and we said "Hey, we want our bags signed!" So we tentatively got back in line, thinking we were pressing our luck, knowing full well, the odds of getting autographs was probably out of the question. We made our way to the assistant, tapped her on the shoulder and said " could we get them to sign our bags?" πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ˜‡ The assistant replied, "sure, no problem!" We were elated, and so excited! So we came up to them, like were approaching the throne of royalty. Chip took one look at us. and said, "you little brats, you stood in that line again just for us to sign these?" I said  "heck yes we did!" We thanked them profusely, and I told Joanna, she had tons of fans and folks in North Carolina that loved them and supported them fully. But it was crazy! Chip remembered us! That's the kind of people they are, humble, thankful and surprised that people want a piece of them or to get to know them more. Just normal humans, just like the rest of us. They've just been given an opportunity, a platform to have voice on a large scale; To be examples, to be witnesses for Christ, to be a glaring example of what a healthy marriage and family looks like. To be people that given an opportunity and a position in the public eye, they take it with grace and ease. They are the epitome of what folks should do with their five minutes of fame. 

Despite all the recent fake facial creams, and rumors of lawsuits. The Gaines' continue to be steady in the face of adversity. They have built a brand, a name and a lifestyle that is based on hard work, sincerity and  treating others that way they want to be treated. I assure you, they don't need a gleaming endorsement from little, tiny me in order to receive record success. News flash, they already have. I just want y'all to know, I'd move to Waco and drink this koolaid. I'm a believer in Chip and Jo, they're the real deal, they're the best kind of famous, they're normal. And if you ask me, the world needs more normal and less crazy Kardashians and Justin Bieber. The world needs more Chip and Jo's and I for one and grateful I got to meet them and see first hand, they are just as they appear on television. So thank you to the Vincent's for letting me meet them, and thank you Chip and Jo for being just who I hoped you'd be. I'll be tuning in for season 5 with bells on, will you?

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