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Aug 3, 2017

It's Friday Eve, it's also t-minus one week til I have to go back to work πŸ’†. It's been such a low key, relaxing summer. I needed that, after a crazy, hectic, stressful year. If you didn't go back to work eventually, it would't be work right? So, let's do this, let's get it going, let's get back into a routine, I'm ready, I think 😁.

I wanted to share with you guys our baby nursery. I know, you're all like "Katie, you don't have a baby, why are you telling us about your nursery?" Well, if you're new around here, we did have a baby last year. A sweet baby boy, we fostered for seven months, with hopes that we would adopt. But God's timing and plan was different than ours, and he went to be with his birth dad. We have peace knowing we gave this sweet boy the best start in life we could give him. We loved him so deep, so freely and with out reservation; that when he left us, it changed me. It made me a different person. Regardless, of the outcome, however painful it's been, I'm thankful he came into our lives, and i'm better for it.

So, once we found out about him, we had to have a room for this boy, and have a room for him we did. I put this room together in about six weeks, from the time we found out about him, to the time he came home from the hospital, it was a whirlwind. And to this day, it's my favorite room in our house, it reminds me of him, mostly. But it also makes me hopeful and excited about the baby to come, our baby. It's a room that is bright, light filled and full of peace, I love it. Even now, with no baby, I sometimes go in this room, sit and pray over our future child.

For now though, let's talk about the design! We installed the cedar plank wall about two years ago. We purchased 1"thick x 6' foot long cedar boards from Lowes, and Joe measured and installed them. Joe also made the chalkboard display and the shelf with black steel pipe all from Lowes. 

The curtains are sheer panels from TJ Maxx my mom found. They had a small pom pom trim on them already, but I really wanted the pom poms to stand out, so she sewed a bigger, bolder pom pom trim on top of the smaller trim and I love the way it turned out! The curtain rods and clips are little cheapies from Walmart.

The dresser came from Joe's great grandmother #jackpot, we just painted it! The crib I ordered from the manufacturers website, linked here, we bought it in antique white. The bedding and the chair came from Babies R Us, bedding linked here, chair linked here. I knew I didn't want a rocking chair, like an old school kind. But I don't like the rocker bottoms that are on some of the newer upholstered versions. So this was a happy medium, and it's super comfy, my only regret is that I didn't get one that reclined. So, I'll be on the lookout for a footstool in the meantime. The pom pom blanket is from Amazon

The light fixture is from Cost Plus World market, I wasn't sure about it when I saw it online.  I went to the local-to-me store in Durham, and checked it out in person. It was awesome! And also out of stock 😭. So, I ordered it online, got free shipping and a discount #winning. Light is linked here

The mossy lamp shades are a DIY project, I bought them at a yard sale for $8, total. Then I took a sheet of sticky moss from Hobby Lobby, measured the lengths of each wire, wrapped the moss around and voila! A mossy hang-y deal. 

The two wall hangings came from Hobby Lobby about a year ago, the geometric fox is linked here. The arrow side table came from Urban Outfitters, similar one linked here. Major heart eyes for that arrow table 😍. The globe was a freebee someone was throwing away at school, so I snatched it up before it hit the dumpster!

The teepee came from Hobby Lobby, linked here. The felt pom pom garland came from a Etsy site and I picked the colors to match the bedding, linked here. Various pillows inside the tent came from walmart, Hobby Lobby, Etsy and my mom made oneπŸ’•. The faux sheepskin rug came from TJ Maxx, I'll link a similar one here. The giant golden retriever was a gift from a precious friend, Hi Janci! πŸ™‹ But it came from Amazon, I got my nephew one because he loved this one so much. And probably my favorite item in the whole room, along with any child that ever comes to our house is the faux campfire! It came from The Land of Nod, linked here. It was kind of pricey in my estimation, but even with all the kids that have played with it this far, it's been worth the money!

The room isn't complete. We'll wait for our son/daughter to arrive before we make final, personal touches. Originally, the room was designed with a little boy in mind. And if we get a girl, we'll definitely have to tweak the deign a bit. However, this room was curated and created with all the love my mama heart had. I want it to be a place of love, comfort, rest and peace for my little-one-to-be. It's not always easy to share the heartache that came with our foster son, or even the lingering sting of infertility and our current, empty home. But, we have this hope to cling to and we know that God works all things together for His good. We know He's in control, and we know we are relying on Him to give us wisdom, discernment and direction on the next steps to take in our journey towards growing our family. We are in the waiting phase now, of hearing from the agencies we've applied to; to hopefully get profiles of prospective birth mothers. Please join us in praying for her. Pray for her heart, pray for her health, pray for the decision she has to make that will change hers, ours and this baby's life, forever. Pray for us that we are sensitive to God's direction and what choices we should make concerning a birth mother. Pray that God would place us in the middle of the right circumstance at the right time and that we would know it's right, by his unexplainable peace that surpasses understanding.

This room is just four walls filled with material things. And although, I haven't grown a human biologically, without a doubt this child is already so loved that it doesn't matter the way in which it arrives to us. It's the precious life that is yet to be lived inside that sweet room that fills my heart with such joy and anticipation. 

Thanks for reading along today. If you have any questions about the design or sources of anything feel free to ask! Big ol' bear hugs all around. πŸ»πŸ™†


  1. love love love!!!! you got mad skills my friend!! i have some air plants hanging in my nursey and the mossy lamp shades would complete my "goal look"!! Thanks for sharing

  2. You're welcome! Glad you like it! If you need any help let me know! ��


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