It's the Sahara desert outside, but in my heart it's fall...

Aug 21, 2017

Well folks, if you're reading this, you're alive! We survived the apocalypse I mean, eclipse. Everybody was all freaking out about it, but why? I get it, it's been like 99 years since that last one or something…but, selling fake glasses? taking off work because you low key think it's the end of the world? I have to say though, here, where I live in central NC, we had like 96% coverage of the sun. And it was a big fat fail in my opinion. It just looked like it gets before a bad storm hits. No total darkness, no seeing the planets and stars. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. All I experienced was major panic for 30 seconds after my paper glasses slid off my face and my eyes were met with the burning fire ball of the sun, that apparently, burns your eyeballs like a laser beam. So for the next hour I was convinced I was going blind…#chronicoverreactor Thank goodness my retinas and my eyesight we're fully in tact when I made it home. Whew. 

In other news, my urge to take down all things summery, zesty and lemon like…has been hitting me HARD y'all. I know a few weeks ago, I said live in the now, and don't rush it. But it's been a few weeks, and reality check, i'm back at work, so if I want any sort of fall-y decor happening. It needs to happen soon. Before I know it (tomorrow actually), I'll be working late at volleyball games, soccer games and tennis matches getting home after the sun goes down. Left with no energy to do anything remotely resembled to decorating. Thus, I've slowly started fall-i-fying the house. I'm trying to stay in the neutral family, and not do SO MUCH of the norm fall decor. But this is what makes decor so fun! Everyone can have their own spin on everything, and the rules are, there are no rules. I'll share with you guys what I've done so far, and sources for everything.

If you remember, a couple weeks ago, I did this post and showed you guys how I styled my dining room for early fall. I had left the plates empty, because I really didn't have anything in mind yet. I went to my wholesale supplier about two weeks ago and saw these picks with a birch leaf, and light greenery that matched my jadeite. It was perfect! These were about 1.90 each. I then, took my grey, linen napkins I got from TJ Maxx for my lemon set up, and folded them into a cute little pocket and stuck the picks down in them! I link the video from YouTube here, where I learned to fold the napkins. The Jadeite plates are vintage and the galvanized chargers came from Hobby Lobby, linked here, on sale this week for $2.99!

In my kitchen, I have a vent hood above my cooktop that looks like a mantle. I was really specific about how I wanted this to look when we were building our house, because I knew it would be a place I could switch out seasonal decor. It's been one of my favorite little nooks to change with the seasons. I've been wanting a letter board FOREVER, and the Letter Folk ones are SO nice, but SO expensive. When Hobby Lobby started carrying them, I was pumped. Still, they we're a little pricier than I wanted to pay initially. And a couple weeks ago they had them 50% off so I got this one for $15. I love it, it's a fun way to write out quotes from our favorite TV shows, or movies that are inside jokes to Me and Joe and we chuckle every time we walk in the kitchen. 99.9% of them will end up being Michael Scott quotes. The little pumpkins are from probably 10 years ago before we were even married. I got them at Salvage Sisters when they were called the second hand rose. So yeah, it's been a minute. My wooden M came from my best bud Jessica, she found it out treasure hunting. The blue mason jars and insulator were from auction lot boxes or either we found them. The galvanized pitcher came from my grandma-in-law. She got it from Michael's, they no longer carry this version, but I'll link a similar one here. The greenery and wreath both came from my wholesale supplier. The birch,  leaf garland, I got on a trip to Boone, in a cute little boutique called Curiosity. It since has moved to Blowing Rock and was renamed the Gilded Lily. But they have/had the cutest stuff. 

In my living room, I brought back the ol' tobacco basket out of retirement. I got this one at a yard sale for $30 πŸ™Š #deal. The grapevine wreath was an old one I had, and I just stuffed left overs from some wreaths I was making for folks to fill it in. The cement urns, the cotton, the moss ball and the grapevine pumpkins all came from my wholesale supplier. The garland came from Hobby Lobby probably 6 or 7 years ago when Thanksgiving was over, I got it for 80% off or something crazy like that. I still like it. So here she is. I did however, fluff her up a bit this year, by adding a few more elements in. I stuck in a few cotton stems, some fake feathers and this really cool pick that looks like it has glittery kitty litter all over it? I know that sounds weird and crazy, but it looks really awesome and has a great texture, almost like rocks, very natural and not like what you put in cat litter boxes 🐈. 

For my entryway table, I really wanted to simplify as much as I could. I took away the greenery. Added in dried gourds, grapevine pumpkins and a few sunflowers. My fave vintage, wool blanket and my orange egg basket. I was hoping to find white mums or those cabbage-like plants but alas, Lowes and Home Depot, have not really started putting out a ton of fall plants/flowers yet. I get it, it's still five bajillion degrees outside and the humidity is legit. So most everything that would be fall-ish would die on my watch in a matter of moments because #blackthumb. I did venture out and get this dusty miller. It's neutral and allegedly hearty so hopefully I won't kill it too quick. Fingers crossed, my friends. As Halloween and Thanksgiving approach I'll bring out more pumpkins and get real ones too as well as my turkeys. I love fall, and all that it brings. Cooler weather, the changing of leaves, pumpkin carving, apple cider, trick or treat. So many fun traditions and ways to celebrate the ushering out of one season and the celebration of another. Along with leaves changing, it marks the progression of the year, and we hope, us getting that much closer to bringing our son or daughter home. Please continue to pray for us as we journey through discerning the right choices to make and being in the center of God's perfect will. 

I hope this little peek at my first foray into fall decor for this year has you pumped for the new season to come! As always, feel free to comment or email me with any questions you have! Thanks for reading along!

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  1. Now you gotta do a full table view!! i want to see your table center piece in combo with the decorated plates!!! pleaseeee :)


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