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Aug 11, 2017

It's Fri-YAY! πŸŽ‰I've had a two day work week, and it feels like it's been a 10 day week. Getting back in to the swing of routine, meetings, paper work, blah-blah-blah. The hustle and bustle can wear you out when your used to no schedule at all…Okay, okay, I may have lost half all of you, just then, whining about my two month hiatus from reality. But for reals, it's an adjustment, no diggity. Don't leave, please stay my friend!

Today, I wanted to reveal the real Kate. Not the one in dresses, or cute baby doll blouses. The one who is a PE teacher in real life, the one who was a personal trainer for years. The one who prefers elastic waist bands, over buttons because #duh. The majority of my life, I spend wearing athleisure. You know, workout clothes you can wear outside the gym. All you guys who thought I was fancy, jokes on you.

Because of my job, I have to be able to move, stretch, run and play. It's a pretty great job, having the opportunity to play and work out all day. So, athleisure is my jam. Along with my job, working out is my therapy. When folks are stressed, some eat, some shop, I workout. It's my escape, it's my outlet, it's my release. I think I like the work and the pain. Not in a weird way, I just know if my muscles ache and are sore, I've done something. Does that make sense? But hey, not everyone is wired the same way, so whatever works in your life, go for it.  #youdoyou. This is just little ol' me, and what makes me tick.

I said all that, not to say I'm a workout savant. Although, if you're interested in what I do doπŸ’©. Sorry, I can't ever say that, without thinking it. I'm a 5 year old boy on the inside. #ADD. I'd be glad to write up for you guys my routine! But what I am good at? Picking great workout clothes, it's something I've honed over years of trial and error, and here today, I've compiled my faves, all in one spot!

First things first, lets talk about my sports bra. I've tried a whole heap of sports bras over the years, but  of all the brands I've tried, my favorite by far, is the Nike Indy style. I love the cross straps, I love the longer elastic bottom that fits snuggly around my upper abdomen. I love the support it offers, and the fabric holds up well over time, continuously washing it multiple times a week. 

When it comes to shirts, I prefer any kind of dri-fit shirt that can wick away sweat because #overactivesweatglands. I like tank tops too, because my gym doesn't have air conditioning, BUT, I actually like it. I sweat double time πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ and it feels like I've accomplished something when I leave dripping in sweat. Just me? Ok, cool πŸ˜•. I also like loooonger shirts that cover my hiney πŸ‘. I'm not one of those people that likes to flaunt what my mama gave me, so any chance I get to hide my lower half under cloak of darkness and shroud, I do it. I'll link my favorite options here

Now, let me tell the truth about these pants, these are actually skinny pants/jeans from target, if you like them, I'll link them here. They are super cute, and super comfy, but I'd never wear these to work out. To work? yes, to workout? no. But lets be real, they matched my shoes, so I did it for the 'gram' y'all. My favorite workout capris, I'll link here. I emphasize CAPRIS, because I don't' wear shorts or pants to the gym. I don't like shorts, I feel too exposed, I'm 30, no one needs to see all that. And pants are too much of a commitment, I feel certain I'd have a heat stroke with the extra six inches of fabric, reaching down to my ankles. Capris are perfect, they are like a snuggie for my legs, I feel safer in them. Why? I don't know, I'm just a weirdo, mmmkay? 

My shoes, I recently got them, Nike's running a sale with everything 20% off. My sister-in-law can get a family discount too, so she's the real MVP. These are training shoes, which means they have more arch support and thicker bottoms. All the ingredients you need to do heavy lifting, jumping and body moving, like Mark E Mark sang about back in the 80s. But since I like to keep it real for y'all, I got them because I liked the color πŸ’ͺπŸ’š #truth. I'll link them here

My ring, I know you're thinking, You're ring? What about it? It surprises me so much, when I've been to the gym and I haven't put my real rings back on, how many people point out and ask me about my black ring. Like, "what is it?" "why do you wear it?" "where's your real ring?" the concern on the location and condition of my actual wedding ring is touching? I guess? But seriously, I wear this silicone one when I work out, so I don't scratch and bend my bands. And truth be told, I love this little silicone band! It's so light weight, I forget I have it on, but it's a reminder to all those peeps out there, I'm taken! Don't be flirtin' with me while i'm doing dead lifts. Joe always jokes, "why didn't you tell me all you wanted was a $10 ring?!" I'll link mine here

Last, but certainly not least is my apple watch. Is it worth the hype? Honestly, no. I'm not tech savvy by any stretch. So my oldie goldie Iron Man watch, did the trick for years. It is nice to have a way to get texts, calls and emails without having your phone 24/7. But it's not necessary. It tells time, tracks my heart rate and I enjoy the activity tracker. However, I don't do a lot of cardio in terms of running, biking etc. I keep my heart rate up during workouts by not taking breaks and continuously working out, circuit style. So, my watch doesn't really track me doing single leg squats then rolling right into walking lunges with no rest period. That's a bummer, so I honestly feel like it doesn't accurately track the amount of exercise I actually do. I'm sure there are tons of untapped resources on that little wrist computer I haven't even accessed. I also like that mine is waterproof, it's a series 2. I wore it in the ocean for 10 days on vacation and it worked perfectly, which is again, nice. But is it a must have for working out and everyday living? No way Jose. Regardless, I have one and I've enjoyed it, and I'll link mine here

Welp, I hope you guys have enjoyed my inside tips on workout wear and athleisure! If you have any questions on anything you see or don't see for that matter, feel free to comment or email me, I'd love to chat! Happy weekend buddies!

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  1. I saw those pants in your pic and was like "wow, super cute! But I could never work out in them- how does she work out in them?" And then I read the article :) I love being able to keep up with you on here- you keep doing you girlfriend!


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