The struggle is real…contentment

Aug 6, 2017

Happy Sunday Buddies! Today, I wanted to chat a bit about the thing I struggle with on the daily on many, many levels. Just so you guys don't start thinking i'm picture perfect, big ol' LOL's at all y'all 😆.  It's easy to perceive from social media, that we've all got it together. Those little squares we post on instagram are only snapshots of an entire, imperfect day, week or month. The truth is, my life is anything but put together or perfect. Au contra ire my peeps, don't believe me? Just ask Joe, he'll give you the low down dirty deets on frazzled, scrambled and grumpy Kate.

Contentment, *gulp* it's the biggest thing I struggle with overcoming D-A-I-L-Y. As someone who has overcome life threatening sickness, still going through infertility and the journey of adoption you would think my perception of life would be, Hebrews 13:5 "Be content with what you have". Wanna know a secret? I'm not. When I was sick and bald and getting called "sir" because I'm not blessed with, er, frontal real estate to signify to the rest of the world I'm a girl, If you get my drift😏.  I thought "If I have clothes that are nice/expensive/trendy maybe I'll feel better about the fact that I'm bald? Or i'll be more accepting of my plight?  I would, but only for a moment. Insert any other bad life circumstance and I thought that material things would make the situation better. #WRONG. Things are only temporary.

Now don't be fooled, I know that stuff doesn't buy happiness, peace or change my circumstances. I grew up in church, I know the ten commandments. But the thing is, more often than not. I choose not to do the one thing needed to achieve peace and contentment. Pray and seek out God's word. When you're spinning around in your crazy, busy life and you get caught up in social media and seeing other peoples "perfect squares" or you go to work and it seems as though your co-workers life is simply, more put-together than yours and you wonder, "How the heck do they do it all?" Reality ✔, no one does it all. We all fall short somewhere and struggle with something. The thing that binds us all together, is that we are imperfect humans. And more than that, the thing that can help us be content with what we have, or what season of life we're in, is Jesus and Jesus alone. I don't know about you, but I need constant help in this realm. Hopefully, this isn't me just rambling about something that only I struggle with? *crickets chirping* Wellllll, I found a great little devotional on contentment and I'll link it here. It was a great reminder to seek out Jesus first when you become bombarded by society and satan that whispers those little lies that who you are or what you have just isn't enough. Who you are in Christ and your faith and trust in Him is the ultimate remedy.

Alright, I'll get off my little soapbox for now, and share with you my current little re-do. I got this rusty, chicken feeder back in the spring time at a local sale for a song. And I heart it. For spring, I crammed it full of tulips and then I just left her be. Next thing I know, it's August and this dear feeder o' mine has had no attention in over 6 months, sorry girl.

As I mentioned recently, I have a hard time decorating for the in-between-et seasons. My tendency is to go full on fall with orange leaf garland, ghosts and ghouls. However, we're not quite there yet in terms of the changing of the seasons. So, I decided to go the more subtle route, and as it turns out, I love the subtle route!

My grey and white ticking table runner came from The Max a couple years ago. Similar-ish version linked here. My galvanized chargers I was so pumped about, I had been eyeing the ones from Pottery Barn for a while, but the price tag on them made me cry on the inside. Then, I found a dupe at my BFF, Hobby Lobby for $4.99 each with 40% off! My Jadeite plates are vintage Fire King, that I've found here, there and yonder over the years. But if you check Etsy, Ebay and sometimes Craigslist you can have luck finding some! 

The feeder like I said earlier came from a local, vintage sale for $18. That's about average for the price of these guys. Expect to pay anywhere from $15-35 on the high end. Or at least $35 is high for muah-self. The succulents came from my wholesale supplier, but I know you can find them at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Amazon. The creeping-jenny-ish greenery also came from my wholesale supplier. But, I know Hobby Lobby carries it too. Because I bought the exact same kind there to use in my embroidery hoop display over my bed a couple months ago! My little white pumpkins came from Hobby Lobby too. I tried to stagger the pumpkins and different varieties of succulents to give it a even "look", you know I have #symmetryprobs 😑.  I'm tickled with how it turned out, and I think it's the perfect seg-way from late summer right into pumpkin spice everything🍁🍂🍃.  Thanks for reading along, supporting and listening to the rants of sinner saved by grace that likes to make things pretty. 


  1. I love you "sinner saved by grace who likes to make things pretty!!!"

  2. Thank you for loving me @lovebeinganonny ! 💓


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