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Sep 24, 2017

ahem…*clearing throat* Is this thing on? tap tap 🎀 Did summer not get the memo? It's over, go home. We don't want you here anymore. Right?! I mean, it's been unseasonably warm the last two weeks, and I'm having a real hard time getting into the blanket scarf-hot cider-bonfire-lets go look at leaves-spirit, when I'm having a heat stroke. πŸ’¦ Not that I'm trying to wish away days, but I'm real ready for that one month sweet spot that we have in North Carolina. You know what i'm talking about, it's the time of year in-between sweating to death and freezing, when, for a brief moment in time, we all remember why we love living here. So, in other words, scram summer.

Life can sometimes be hard. Did y'all know that? Duh, Katie, we all already knew that. But it's tough when the hard stuff directly affects you. Today, my pastor had a great message on Dealing with discouragement. And you know what? It was one of those messages, where the neon lights were pointing directly at me and flashing "this ones for you". The scripture was from Nehemiah 4, where Nehemiah and the Jews were re-building the wall in Jerusalem. Nehemiah received opposition from people who said the wall would fall and questioned him on his intentions. But Nehemiah kept building. He prayed, he lived his life and he put feet to his prayers by acting on what he felt called to do by God.

We, as in all of us, are encouraged to do the same thing. Joe and I are in the midst of an adoption, and we want a child SO MUCH that we get distracted by the paper work and the waiting and the decision making. Sometimes, we I start to think…Will we ever be parents? When will it be our turn to have a child? Why is this taking so long? Even though, I don't know all the answers. It's ok, that I don't. You know why? Because God called us to adopt, the end. So now, we continue to pray. And more importantly, I do the thing, I haven't yet. I live life, and put feet to my prayers. For much of this process, I have been paralyzed by fear. What if we pick the wrong birth mom? What if we wait too long and pick no one? What if a birth mother never picks us?  The opposition isn't coming from outside sources, it's coming from within myself. I have to trust God, trust His calling and act out my faith by moving forward. Living life, glorifying to God, seeking his word and His will when life gets tough. This was a big ol' ADD sidebar completely unrelated to my post, but I felt compelled to share it with you guys. Maybe someone needed to hear it? I hope so, I hope it was encouraging and uplifting to know you're not alone if you're dealing with discouragement. Cyber hugs and such.

Now, for the real reason, we're all here. Outfit details…right? PSA: Did you know you could mix patterns and wear them at the same time? It's true. It's totally legal. Plaid and cheetah, stripes and camo. You get it. There are a few guidelines, I try to make sure my plaid has at least two tones of what my cheetah has. For example, if my cheetah has tan, black and white. I want my plaid to have at least black and white so there's some cohesiveness up in here. And it doesn't look like I got dressed in the dark. πŸ”¦

My outfit today, was not my original plan, y'all. But such is life, it ch-ch-changes. I had ordered this cutie, ruffle sleeve t-shirt dress off amazon for $14, linked here, this is a shirt, the dress is currently unavailable. *emoji eye roll* I got the dress yesterday, and was so excited to try it on. Then πŸ’£ drop it was too small 😩. I'm not trying to get all political here, but I definitely feel like, if this dress came from North Korea which it *could have* Kim Jong Un could be the smartest of them all, he's terrorizing us not with nukes, but he's sending women mis-labeled garments. Making us think we're all getting fat. Evil genius.  Just me? Am I the only one thinking this? mmmkay…I'm crazy. Or maybeeee I'm exactly right. Regardless, #sadness that it's too small and I have to order an even bigger size. Kim Jong Un: 1 Katie: 0

Now for what I actually have on my body. My shirt I've had for a couple months, it's been a fav so far for me. It's a linen blend boyfriend tee from Old Navy, linked here aaand on sale! It's oversized, has a longer hem in the back. It's pretty great, just make sure to wear a bralette or cami underneath, since it's a little see through. But hey, if you wanna shake what your mama gave you, by all means go girl. My flannel, is an oldie goldie from Nordstrom, but I'll link a similar version here

My jeans, give me life y'all. I mean not really. But they are pretty dang comfy. They're from Gap Factory, they're girlfriend jeans, they're soft, stretchy and the knee holes hit at just the right spot. An important feature of distressed jeans. These beaut's are linked here. Run, don't walk to get them, you'll thank me later. My shoes are platform sneakers from DSW linked here. They are comfy, leopard and velvet. Like what?! Velvet is back in and I'm pumped about it. These are great for the price point, and leopard is a neutral. I know that sounds a little wacky, but it's true, or at least it's true in my 🌍. 

Now for my accessories, my sunglasses are new-ish. I got them back at the beginning of school, my other Ray-Ban's had been rode hard and put up wet. They'd been around the block one too many times. This time, I got acrylic frames that are a bit sturdier, to withstand the demands of my rough and tumble life, they are linked here

My watch I've mentioned before, it's the love of my life, it's a Michael Kors wrap watch, linked here. My bracelet, is from a dear friend, it has our foster son's name on it, it's a beautiful reminder of his sweet life. My necklace I got from the Nordstrom Sale back in July, It's Kendra Scott. And let me say, believe the hype about Kendra Scott guys. I wear this necklace everyday, and all other non-precious metal necklaces i've ever owned, always turn. Probably due to the fact that I have a wack-o body chemistry, alas. However, this one hasn't, and I love it, it's linked here. Word on the street is, if you take your ID to the Kendra Scott store you can get 50% off anything for your birthday! So there's that little tidbit incase you didn't know. My earrings are little gold, hexagons from J. Crew Factory, I couldn't find the exact ones I have on, but linked here are similar versions.  You can also have your very own super fancy, scuncii hair tie from CVS for like .99 too πŸ˜…πŸ˜†, definitely forgot to take it off. Oh well. 

That's it guys! I feel like I was kinda all over the place today πŸ˜…. But then again, that's my brain on the reg, y'all. I hope you leave feeling, encouraged, inspired and maybe entertained? As always thanks for reading along! 


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