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Sep 2, 2017

Happy Fall Y'all! πŸπŸ‚πŸƒTechnically, we have 20 more days 'til the beginning of Fall. BUT, Yesterday, was September 1st. So, it's socially acceptable now by all parties of the human race to put out fall decor and celebrate all things pumpkin spice. Want to know a secret? I really don't love pumpkin spice flavor πŸ™Š it's a sin, I know. I've just never loved that nutmeg-y, spicy flavor…anybody else out there like that? Or am I on an island all alone on this one?  I do love pumpkin just not pumpkin spice, go figure…πŸ˜• One more tick on the tally for crazy Kate quirks. 

On a more serious note, my heart has been absolutely broken by the flooding and devastation happening in Texas this week. I pray for all the families who have been displaced, and have lost everything. My home is my sanctuary and my safe harbor. I can't imagine it being decimated by raging waters. I hope you all have been praying for the safety and well being of those folks too. When you see such tragedy on television and social media. It doesn't feel right to continue on with my normal, everyday life. Yet, I know it's out of my control, I know I can pray and I can donate and I hope that you guys do the same. On Monday or Tuesday, I saw where Chip and Jo Jo where donating 100% of the proceeds to their 'Texas Forever' shirts linked here toward flood victims. From now until the end of September, you can order one too! Mine arrived today, it's super soft, and it's a little piece of Magnolia that I know is helping maybe one family in need. In case you needed one more reason to love the Gaines' here ya go.

Onward to less important things. This week I had one more space I wanted to fall-i-fy. My breakfast nook. I knew I wanted to keep with the blues, greys, light greens and whites. But wasn't positive what exactly I wanted to do. I did know, I had to keep it under $30 for my decor. I love a good challenge!

First, I set out to find my pumpkins. I checked out the Target dollar spot, and hit the jackpot, kinda. They had these adorable velvet pumpkins for $1! They only had two colors at our target a lighter and darker green, and they only had 5, so I scooped em' up like a buzzard 🐦. I've had buddies, check around at other local Target's and it's hit and miss on what has been but out by your particular chain. I just got lucky and found a few, like these below πŸ‘‡.

Next, on my pilgrimage for glam gourds I went to the dollar tree. And found several cute options, linked here!

 Cute, right?! The burlap and sparkly ones, I used as is. The Green and white ones I had to jazz up a bit. I bought some acrylic craft paint in the tones I wanted, I slapped a couple coats on and BOOMπŸ’₯, punkin' makeover.

The white pumpkins were a yellow white, which was not the shade I was going for, so I painted those the 'white wash' white. Then, I did a second coat with the chalk paint to give them a matte texture. For the other pumpkins, I painted the first coat with the color of choice, then for the second coat, I added in the white chalk paint to give them a 'wash' look and to give them a matte texture.

After all my pumpkins were painted to perfection-how's that for alliteration? πŸŽƒ I (Joe) cut a few small slices of wood to fit in the bottom of my dough bowl to build up the base, and cut down on having to buy 1 million pumpkins. Next, I covered the dough bowl with moss to hide the wood. Then, I haphazardly placed the pumpkins in the bowl with no rhyme or reason like a care-free human. #false. It took me like 30 minutes to figure out the proper placement of all these pumpkins so there weren't similar textures and colors side by side. As we all know, I'm a symmetry freak, as previously stated in posts before. And I had an odd number of pumpkins. Thus, my brain almost exploded. I don't have pictures of this part of the assembly, so you'll have to use your vivid imaginations to picture me doing this.  Then chuckling at my craziness. Last, I purchased some felted lamb's ear from Hobby Lobby, linked here. Thankfully, it was 50% off this week. $6 a stem is mighty pricey for this chick-a-dee.  This was a  loaves and fishes, put your basket in the air, and pray the Lord sends down more type miracle to have enough, and not spend too much.

I also purchased these feather picks in bronze, linked here. It's hard to tell in the photo but it has a blue-ish green-ish sheen to the feathers and they fit in well, I think. I took, both the lamb's ear and feathers and placed them around the dough bowl.

Using what else I had readily available in my home…vintage blue mason jars, I filled them with the lamb's ear and feathers. I have and forever and always will love the hue of blue mason jars. The fact that they matched my pumpkins perfectly was extra brownie points. With that said, I wanted to add a little somethin' somethin' to the jars that wasn't there before. And i've been seeing these raw wood, bead garlands all over the place! I honestly haven't even checked in to see how expensive they are, but I knew I was running out of moolah for this project and had to improvise. I found the wooden beads at Hobby Lobby obvs. Although, I made a DUMB mistake y'all.

Jute twine came from Lowes in the rope dept. 
See? Do you see the big, dumb, mistake I made? I bought the ball's with no holes. πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‘ You idiot, you. Do yourselves a favor and buy the balls with holes already in them. I, I mean Joe had to get clamps out, a tiny little drill bit and drill holes in all of these. Don't do that, save yourselves pain, agony, suffering and precious time by just buying the right kind.  Last week when I bought these, they were low on stock. So I'm not positive how many they'll have now, if you're all eager to go buy your own. But I'll link the right ones here. 3/4" balls are the perfect size for this garland. It takes about 20-24 to make one garland the way I made it. But what I did, was I strung half the beads on, then I wrapped the jute string around the jar and strung the other half on. I tied off the ends, then made jute tassels to attach to the ends. I link the video for how to make tassels here.  I think for the minimal investment, they turned out great! Finished product belowπŸ‘‡

My next item of business was a table runner, I didn't have anything existing, but knew I wanted something unique. If you saw my instagram stories last week, I went to the Mothership on Sunday, Loomcraft. It's a fabric warehouse with every kind of fabric your heart could desire. Joe found a perfect plaid that would be awesome for my runner, however, it was $14.99/yd. and I needed two yards. Soooo moral of that story was, it was too much. I was hoping to find something in the bargain section, but no luck. You ever do that? You search clearance or the bargain bin and you find something that's just ok, but you really are only getting it because it's way cheaper? Yeah, I'm that girl all the time. But not this one, time, I wasn't. GO ME. Instead, I went back to Hobby Lobby, they should probably just have a cot for me in the break room since I go there so much 😁. This time, I found a perfect, grey buffalo check. For $9/yd. and 40% off this was the lowest bidder on the price is right πŸ’². I haven't even sewed it yet! I have all these grand schemes to add a tassel border and so on and and so forth. But you know what I did? I just folded her up, and cropped the ends out of the pictures. #reality. Eventually, I'll get around to sewing it, but for now, while you're all sitting on pins and needles waiting for the reveal, I just made do. 

My last item for this tablescape, was my place settings. 

I'm still not 100% sold on it, but I used what I had and here it is…The burlap chargers I already had, they are from Hobby Lobby, linked here. The plates are vintage Pyrex. I got these in Kentucky a few years back at the longest yard sale. Since then I have seen this same pattern out in the wild 0 times. I purchased 4 place settings, because that's all the lady had, and I love it. I honestly use it the most of all my vintage dishes. Since it's Pyrex it feels sturdier, more robust, able to withstand the demands of the kitchen. It *could* be all in my head, but I sure do love this stuff. I found it on ebay, linked here . Then, I plopped a grapevine pumpkin on top and called it a day. 

There you have it friends! My little diddy for my breakfast nook! Hope you enjoy, and as always if you have questions feel free to comment or email me! Face squeezes to all! Hope everyone has a great Labor Day! We'll be dealing with a recovering pup. Our Winchester has to have his spleen removed 😒. If you think about it, please say prayers it all goes well. He's our son with fur, and I'm highly attached to him as he's been with me through many different struggles. We hope and pray all goes well. πŸ’› Happy weekend buddies. 

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