Christmas mullet

Dec 17, 2017

You may be wondering why I've entitled this post, Christmas mullet. Let me explain myself dear friends. This outfit I'm about to debut to you is the perfect blend of casual and fancy. It says, "I'm business up top and party on the bottom." If outfits could talk anyway, that's what she'd say. I also refer to all my outfits as ladies because duh…we ladies are classy creaturesπŸ’.

I hope you're getting an opportunity to reflect on the real reason we run around like whirling dervishes this time of year. Not to get the perfect present, to consume un-Godly amounts of calories in the form of all-the-peppermint-things, to go gawk at all the twinkly lights or watch Christmas Vacation for the 1,000,000 time. All these things by the way, I've done and aim to continue doing until 8 days from now. But the REAL reason we find ourselves in the midst of this season is because of Jesus. I know you know that. But to really sit, and think and marinate on it, is different. To take on the weighty realization that a helpless, innocent, baby was sent to live a completely perfect, sinless life here on earth to go die on a cross for you and for me to save me and you from an eternity of separation for Him is pretty huge. And I for one, am guilty of not acknowledging it enough, the absolute bigness of that act. I plan on going out in a bit and drive through our churches living nativity. I'm aware churches do this all over the country and even the world. But its and up close, tangible way to worship and see a slight glimpse into my savior's birth and I'm pretty pumped about it. I truly wish you all peace, comfort and joy during this most wonderful time of year.

Now, I'm off my little soapbox, and on to the deets of my Christmas mullet!

Did you even know they made sweater blazers?! Me either! If you did, just play along and act surprised with me, k? Thanks. I originally wanted a boyfriend blazer from J. Crew Factory but when I went in store they were sold out and had these instead. Now that I have this though, I'm glad I got it! It's one of those key pieces that can go fancy or casual and it's much warmer and transitional than a structured blazer. This one is linked here and on sale! My flannel boyfriend shirt is from my true blue, best bud Old Navy. It's a bit oversized in fit which I lurv, so I can front tuck it and hide all my holiday kibbles and bits 😻and it's on mega sale, linked here.  My necklace is kinda hard to see, but it's a collar statement necklace from the ol' factory a few years back, but i've linked a similar option here. My earrings I'm pretty sure you can't see at all lol but I'll still tell ya about em' because I love em'! I got these at the Silobration back in October and they have been on repeat in my ear holes. A local, Texas jewelry maker EM Jewelry designs made them and they are perfect for everyday wear. I'll link them here

My jeans have been a hot topic amongst the old timers and my husband, whom is basically a blue hair disguised in a 32 year old body. These are raw hem jeans from Old Navy, they are stretchy, soft and wonderful. I heart them, hard. But my parents and Old man Joe, who were raised to hem their pants and patch the holes in their jeans see this new trend as blasphemy. My mom would say "honey, did you know you're pants are messed up? I hope you didn't pay good money for those." I did mom, I did. All this to say, I like raw hem, and if you do too, here's a great affordable option linked up for ya right here.  If raw hem's aren't your cup o' tea, then do your thang Jelly Bean. 

My last, and arguably favorite part of my wardrobe today, are these New Balance gold cuties I scored from J. Crew, linked here on cyber Monday! I've been eyeing these babes for quite a while and they are my new favorites. They are neutral and have juuust the right amount of sparkle for my life and bring together the whole mullet party together. My only hesitation in purchasing these is that I'm basically a real life, adult version of pig-pen from Charlie Brown, for realisies.  So I wear these clean, bright, tennis  shoes with great trepidation, fear and a Magic Eraser in my pocket in case they get soiled by my inevitable filth. 
Pig-Pen aka me, image sourced from Google

Well guys, Christmas is approaching so fast this year, for me at least. I'm starting to believe all the people that we're older than me years ago, that said "time flies the older you get". It's so true! The last couple years have seemed to clip by at an alarming rate. Any who, I truly hope you enjoy time with your loved ones, maybe Santa leaves you something sweet in your stocking and you get a genuine opportunity to reflect on the birth of our Savior. I'll try to do one more post before Christmas, but I can't promise, because #life. So if this is the last time I talk with you guys before Christmas, Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Love, me πŸ’—πŸ’πŸŽ„

Christmas Home Tour

Dec 5, 2017

Happy Tuesday buds! Yesterday, I started sneezing…and sneezing and sneezing. It was one of those things, "like get it together, Kate, nobody is gonna say bless you after the 100th sneeze!" I commenced medicating with all-the-things. Natural remedies and on the cold aisle at Rite Aid. I took zinc (which is disgust-o 😷) Emergen-C, my juice plus vitamins,  ate an apple (because you know the saying and apple a day keeps the doctor away! πŸŽπŸŽπŸš‘) aaaand I loaded up on Mucinex and Nyquil. All to no avail my dear friends. I awoke this morning with congestion that feels like an elephant's butt 🐘is sitting on my face. So much pressure, you know the kind. Body aches, and an all around feeling of total, crap-o-la. Exactly what I was hoping for on a mundane Tuesday πŸ˜‘, #not.  I say all that to say, we are not in control of what happens to us. Somedays, I need a gentle reminder of that- to slow down and re-focus and realize I'm not the center of the universe. (It's was a surprise to me too) And maybe, when I'm exhausted, I should take a step back, instead of pressing forward even harder.  But onward I go to the Dr. because feeling this way is for the birds. Here's hoping' they can help a sister out.

In all my bed ridden glory, I decided to finally blog about our home at Christmas. I know you guys were probably starting to think, "man, that Katie, was all fired up about blogging, then she gave us nothin' for like a month and a half! What gives?!" Let me just tell y'all, basketball, basketball gives. With my job as athletic director, I have to be at all the home games and we have 3 middle school teams, 3 high school teams, 1 swim team and 2 cheer squads, this all equals chaos, pandemonium and exhaustion and no time for me to elaborately detail my life in blog posts, much less, take lovely Instagram worthy pictures! Then you add in, the time change and it gets dark at 5pm and I'm all like blah, let me just sit in my sweatpants and eat funyuns and hershey bars. Does the time change do that to anybody else? Or am I the only one that is over the extra hour of sleep business. Man, I'm being a real whiny hiney today. Forgive me. But somedays, that's the reality, not the picture perfect-ness we *think* we see on social media. Just in case, you ever start to think I've got it all together, BOOM, here I am to give you a healthy, heaping dose of self deprecating Kate. Enough, of me belly achin' lets move on to the more important things of life, like Christmas decor.πŸŽ„

I only decorate the common areas of my house, what about you guys? It takes all my time and energy to get these spots just so. By the time I'm done, does anyone care that I don't have a tree in my bedroom? I think it's awesome if you have your bedroom decorated, but that ain't me, so treat yo' self if that's your cup of tea. Also, my husband is low key a grinch and can't stand the lights on while we watch TV, so a constant little tree lit up like a fire ball might be a point of contention in our marriage πŸ‘«. I also didn't want to push my luck with the 6 trees I have inside and 6 trees outside. πŸ˜‡ He might literally explode if I brought one-more-tree-in.

This year, I knew I wanted to keep the majority of my decor neutral. I came up with the phrase "antique ice" to help myself convey the "look" I was trying to achieve. I had also decided months ago I wanted to have three trees in my dining room. This may be a little unconventional, but I had seen Rachel Parcell's trees on Instagram last year, and I totally swooned over them. I needed to flock my own 12' tree. and I found these 7' cuties from Wal-mart at a steal for $69. The Wal-mart trees sold out super quick, so if you want to get your paws on some for next year, I recommend you snatch em' up as soon as they put out the trees before Halloween. They have a sturdy metal base, come in three sections and are surprisingly full, I'd say they were a home run! My 12' I've had since we moved into the house was a whole different ball of wax, buds. I bought a 5 lb. box of 'Flock in a box' off Amazon back in the summer. *tip* if you plan on flocking your own tree buy the flocking early too, I went back later and it was sold out too. The flocking is a powdered snow you adhere to the tree by spraying the branches with water, while simultaneously sprinkling the snow on the branches. I found the how-to instructions on Pinterest, just search for 'DIY Flocked tree' and it'll pop right up! I used a cheap-o spray bottle and my sifter from the kitchen to do this. DISCLAIMER: at all costs try and do this outside! It's SO MESSY GUYS! The day I did it, it was raining and I'm #inpatient, so I did it in our laundry room with a tarp down. The dust from the flocking got everywhere, down the hall, on the furniture, in my lungs (use a mask!) it was mess city. The next day, the snow didn't' seem to have adhered great so I sprayed it down again with more water to help the snow bond to the branches better. Next, impatient Kate waited about 2-3 hours and moved the tree to the great room. In the move, a ton of snow fell off, I initially felt the tree didn't look flock-y enough. It just looked like the tree had dandruff πŸ˜‘. Once all the ornaments were on, I think it's fine, but the real test will come when I take this sucker down after Christmas and we see how much more snow comes off πŸ˜…. All that to say, this was the saver option for me, but if I had the means I would most definitely purchase a pre-flocked tree to save hours and hours of blood, sweat, tears and ingesting potentially hazardous freakin' flocking πŸ˜†.

My ornaments were a mix of old ornaments from ages ago, thrift store ornaments, new ones and my AWESOME custom white wood ornaments from my bud Ashley. She made them with all my favorite Christmas quotes. I used a mix of lacy ribbon with no wire and a mesh, burlap wired ribbon. I decorate all my trees in stages. I start with the biggest ornaments first, then sort all 'like' ornaments together and put them on together. Then, I finish up with picks and ribbon. It's a simple process, I promise! You just have to see it as decorating the tree in stages and sections. Don't get overwhelmed by the whole tree, just do it bit by bit and it'll turn into a beaut!

My mantle garland and my bannister garland had a little re-fresher this year. I've had this same garland for almost 9 years! This year, I just added in more faux, greenery. My advice is always more is more. If you want your garland to look live and full, the more you add the closer you'll get to looking 'real'. I got cedar, magnolia, pine and flocked fir picks to give it a fuller look. I also knew after flocking that monster of a 12' tree I wasn't about to do anymore and my budget was pretty much tapped out. Instead, I added in flocked picked to give the flocked look with out all the mess! I also added in twine balls and berry picks, a glitter bird nest and the same ribbon on the tree to tie it all together. The wreath on my mantle is from a million years ago from Tuesday Morning, I just added in some of the greenery I used on the mantle. Then I plopped my gold reindeer in the middle of my tobacco basket and bing, bang boomπŸ’₯ mantle complete. 

Close up view of our bannister garland, those are real deer antlers!

The next room I wanted to show you guys is our breakfast nook/kitchen. This room was also a re-using of stuff I already had. My white tree I've had for years and honestly haven't used the last couple years because mama was tired.  But I thought, why not? I had seen somewhere along the way a flocked white tree and it was the cutest. I wasn't about to flock mine but I thought, "Hey! I can do something similar!" 

The woodland creatures had been my jam y'all for like 5 years. Then last year, I was like nope πŸ™… no way, nuh-uh, I ain't havin' it. I'd pain stakingly collected those little critters for years, I'd camp out at Pier 1 the day after Christmas like a mad woman ready to buy them half off. I'd found foxes, deer, owls, hedgehogs, bears, squirrels, you name it, I had it. This year, I thought, why not stick em' on the white tree? I did, and you know what? I love it, it's such a fun, happy spot in my home. High five to me for my woodland little friends. I also filled one of my crocks full o' pomegranate berry bundles, I wrapped them in brown kraft paper to make them look like I just picked them up from the farmers market, did I fool you? πŸ˜‰ 

I notice how incredibly crooked my runner is here😁 oopsie. 

The one thing I did buy this year, was this french stripe table runner from Amazon, linked here. My little cedar trees I got from my wholesale supplier, I love how real they look! My reindeer pillow is from Belk 100 years ago. My place settings are Paula Deen y'all, my mom got them for us when we got married, and I still love them. I had these jumbo pinecones someone had given me and just dumped em' in my dough bowl, centerpiece done-zo. 

Another look at my cutie woodland theme tree!

The last area I wanted to share today, is my entryway table. I was pretty simple and to the point with my foyer table. 

I swapped out my cotton wreath, with a magnolia wreath. I added a white poinsettia inside my lantern. I put out my retro moss reindeer from Target, my nativity from TJ Maxx and a vintage post card on my clip board I got from one of the vendors at the Silobration. On the bottom shelf, I did add 3 of those cedar trees to my toolbox to give it some life down there. 

Winchester stealing the show, per usual 😊

That's all I have for today friends! I may do a part two of my home tour with the dining room, a more detailed look at our outdoor decor and our bonus room tree (it's my favorite one!). If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you! 

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