Seasons, Shmeasons...

Jan 15, 2018

Happy New Year buds! 🎉 I'm only 2 weeks late…oh well. If you follow me on Instagram, or know me personally, you know we we're matched for our adoption around Christmas. This has been a swirl of emotions and has left brain space for little else. For those of you wondering and wanting to ask, how it's all going…or what you can do…my only answer, is pray. Pray for this birth mother and birth father, they are still a couple. Pray for her health, pray for her heart, pray for the decision she makes. Pray for the health of the baby, his mind, his heart (physically and spiritually), his tiny body. Pray for us, pray for us to have courage, and strength that we know could only come from Christ. We treasure and appreciate every.single. prayer. This has been what feels like such a long process, only because we yearn to have a family so deeply. Yet, as much as we want a family, we also know that with what we gain, this birth mother loses her everything. It's not lost on us, it's hard, heavy and deep to know the gravity that all this entails. So, please, if we cross your minds, just cry out to Jesus on behalf of all of us, we are forever grateful. Big face squeezes to all..💕👐.

Whew…got that out of the way, now, we can talk about lighter things. 💆 Since Christmas, I've been in an existential decor funk. After all the visual noise of Christmas was gone, I was all like, now what? Part of me loved the blank, slate. But then, a bigger, more overpowering part of me was saying this is way too plain, Kate. I've never been a half-sies kind of girl, I either go all in or don't go at all. Sooo, after staring at the blank slate, I decided to do something, anything! My entryway, is the first thing you see when you come in my house and she was due a refresher. Now, I am completely aware that it's NOT in any way remotely close to Spring yet 🌷🌿. But, it's the next season up on deck, and I don't really do Valentines or St. Patrick's day, but I do love Spring. The buds, the blooms, the flowers, the green, the fresh, the warm, the sun, all of it. Every part, I adore. And I'm ready to bring some of that inside. My inspiration came by way of wishing I had a green thumb. It's one of my goals this year, to not kill so many plants and keep em' thriving. Gardening reminds me so much of my Dad, he's a master gardener. He can keep anything plant related alive, and can grow and cultivate the most beautiful of gardens I've ever seen. So, maybe it's love for my dear ol' Dad, but potting benches and gardening have been in the forefront of my mind recently. My dream is to have a greenhouse and gorgeous gardens, a la Joanna Gaines seen here-
Joanna Gaines greenhouse, le sigh. Image sourced from Google

Image sourced from google
I've seen potting benches here and there and I can't get over the look they have. Casual, a little haphazard and organic. Here's some examples of what I've been loving lately.

All images sourced from Pinterest
See what I mean?! Aren't they adorbs?!?! And for me a collector, I mean hoarder, I had everything I needed already! I only bought onion bulbs to go in my jars, which I'll really use in my garden in a couple months to plant. It may be a bit premature to have this Spring-y look out, but it brings me joy, and these days, if something brings you joy, go for it girl. Life's way too short to sit and worry about what everyone else thinks, (even though I'm guilty of that too) I'm trying to work on it. Maybe this little nook can bring you some inspiration when you're ready for Spring. Take a peek at what I cooked up, and let me know what you think! 

I love how it turned out, I hope you do too! All items are vintage finds except for the greenery, the moss balls I purchased from my wholesale supplier, but I'll link similar versions here. If you'd like for me to find links for the vintage items, I'd be happy to, just let me know! Craigslist, local second hand and antique shops are all great for the terra cotta pots for cheap, think .50-$1.00 range. The watering cans you can usually score for around $20, similar option linked here. The concrete bunny, Joe got for free at a side job he did. But, I've seen similar styles at antique shops, yard sales and sometimes thrift stores! The wooden cubby came from a lot box auction several years ago. But again, I've seen very similar options at antique and second hand shops. Blue mason jars can run anywhere from a couple bucks to $10 each depending on the size and condition. If they include the original lid too, that's usually a pretty fair price, a few examples linked here. My wicker basket came from and antique mall too, but i'll link a close second here. Today, was a day off for me, so It's been great to take a moment to breathe and get to do what I love most, create! I hope you guys have a great week! 

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