Spring Re-fresher

Feb 19, 2018

Hiya pals, how can it be that we're already half way through February?! Boy, that was fast, right? Here's a little life update, for those of you interested in our current adoption status. Our birth mother is due, any-day-now. It feels as though she's the first woman in the history of the world to be pregnant longer than nine months. But in reality, it's just the anticipation of what's to come, good, bad or indifferent. Once the baby is born, she will have 48 hours to decide if she wants to parent. She has conveyed to us and the adoption agency that she feels this is what's right and best. However, there's still a chance she could change her mind and keep the baby. For us, it's more about the time we've invested in this that could be the most disappointing. It's not that we've seen or held this baby and are so attached, it's that the clock is ticking on our home study. It's only good for one year, and our year started back in July. So we have a little under 5 months if this birth mother chooses to keep her baby, to roll into another potential adoption. I know to some of you guys, this kind of seems all harsh, and cold like a business transaction. But at a certain stage, you have to guard your heart and mind. Just like you mama's who have suffered multiple miscarriages, I've heard, I don't know from personal experience. But i've heard you don't get excited for the baby you carry until he/she is placed in your arms, healthy and alive. Same goes here, for us. After multiple rounds of failed IVF, fostering to adopt a little baby boy for seven months, to only have him taken away. I'm guarded. Hopefully you can understand. Regardless, we continue to pray and trust the Lord, His will and His timing. Because heaven knows, this is NOT in my timing at all. Sometimes, I think the Lord looks at me and says "That Katie is so dumb! I have to keep showing her through all kind of things to just be patient and trust me, but she never does!" I digress.

So, if you guys still aren't tired of praying for us, please continue to do so. Pray for the health of this baby and the birth mama, regardless of the outcome. Pray for her heart, her life and the ultimate decision she makes to be right for all of us. Pray for Joe and myself, that we would lean on the Lord and not our own understanding to make it through all of this. Adoption is not for sissy's y'all, and I hope one day, I can rejoice and look back at how the Lord had his hand in all of this the whole time. I know He has already, for the record.

 We've also picked a name, but I'm holding that one kinda close for now, it's a real good story of how it came to be, but I'll share it when and if we're headed back to NC with a baby in tow. Until then, lets talk about some decor, shall we?

I had today off work *whoop whoop for da Presidents!* And you know me, when I have any down time, I'm ready to some changing and rearranging! Mainly I was ready to freshen up my kitchen, I also realized, I don't know if I've ever really shown a full view of my kitchen. Shame on me. Why you ask, haven't I? Well, you see, the lighting is always either crazy bright or too dark and the angles of my kitchen are hard to catch all in one photo. So instead, i've just not shown it. #lazy It's not that my kitchen is like the hairy mole of my house, I'm trying to cover up and hide. I love my kitchen, but she's just not the best for portraits, regardless I gave it a go today on this drizzly day off.

I'm not saying I know the pulse of up coming trends, but I do know what I've seen quite a bit of out on the inter-web and in stores and that's lavender. Lavender seems to be the go to floral for Spring this season, either real, dried, faux, stuck in baskets, pots or whatever you want to put it in. Lavender is the name of the game. I love it because if you plant it or buy it dried, it smells heavenly. If you buy it faux, it still looks real, and I really like the natural, garden-y, simple vibe it gives. So, let me tell you  all about how I introduced it in my home.

Over my vent hood, I placed a faux lavender and grapevine wreath, I got mine through my wholesale supplier but I'll link a similar option from Hobby Lobby here. Next, I picked up a couple of these cutie distressed terra cotta pots from Hobby Lobby, I think they were half off last week, so there weren't that many left, but for all three I think I spend under $10.  If you go looking for them, they were in the center where all the different style "stuff" is you know what I mean? Like smack dab in the middle of the store as soon as you walk in. Hope that helps! I couldn't find the actual pots online, but here's something similar linked here. I put foam down in my pots, then covered them with moss and stuck lavender picks down in the foam from my supplier. I flanked the one side with only one pot with antique glass bottles to finish off the look. 

On my breakfast table, I made a new arrangement. My best bud and I bought several of these galvanized trays/troughs about a year ago at the Liberty antiques festival. We made a few arrangements back in the fall, and sold them at a show we did, but then we both kept one each. I've had this one and haven't had a clue what to do with it, because it's over 3' long and is fairly shallow like maybe 2.5"tall. Not a lot I could think of to do with this guy for a while! Then, I decided to give the lavender a try and I love how it turned out. I stuck foam down in the tray and then covered it with moss then stuck the lavender down in there. Bada bing bada boom, little centerpiece done!

In my great room, It was super simple, I bought a bundle of dried lavender, split it into my two milk bottles and stuck it up there, easy peasy. The ivy on the old window was a little more time intensive. It took me about 45 minutes to complete that little project. I put small tack nails in the four corners and on either side of the corners. Then, I strung twine around the nails, next, I wrapped the ivy around the twine and re-secured to make sure it was all nice and tight. I wanted it to look like ivy creeping up lattice or something kinda like it. I really love how it turned out too! I used two bundles of ivy that were about 6 feet long each, and I had a little left over at the end. Then, I stuck an antique child's chair I already had up on the hearth. That's pretty much it! 

Here's another view of our kitchen, as always thanks for stopping by and taking time out of your busy day to read my little blog! If you have any questions or comments leave them below, I'd love to hear from you! Have a great rest of the week friends! 💗

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