Stripes 3 ways

Apr 4, 2018

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, huzzah! πŸŽ‰πŸŒ· It's Spring break this week for me, can I get an A M E N?!  It's like The Almighty intricately holds the hand of administrators as they plan the academic calendar, and as the holidays, and semesters come, it's as if the recesses from school are ordained (because we're all on the verge of snapping πŸ˜€). It's as if, Jesus knows we need this rest, this perfect time out from the hectic, and for that, I'm grateful, thankful and #blessed.  I hope you've had a chance to slow down, catch your breath and spend time with loved ones and most importantly you've had an opportunity to reflect on the ultimate gift and sacrifice Christ made for us, by dying on a cross, to completely pardon and forgive us our sins; rescuing us from a life of separation from Him.

A couple weeks ago I did a few polls on Insta stories to see what you guys wanted to see more of and it was pretty split between home decor and fashion. Since I haven't done a fashion post in a good minute, I thought it was high time!

I've had a revelation lately, in the home decor world, I don't really love Mid Century Modern, I'm traditional through and through. But if Mid Century was a fashion style, I'd be all over it. I like simplicity, feminine details and retro vibes.  Go figure. I like pieces that are staples and can stay with me for the long haul. I've also realized, I, Katie, πŸ‘‹ am a hoarder of striped garments. I love vertical stripes long time for their slenderizing effect. I love way they can be transitional, classic and simple. So today, I'm sharing with you guys three striped dresses, for three different styles!

Look #1

This first look, is maybeee my fave of the three. Not that I'm picking favorites, but she's pretty dope. Let me tell ya why. This dress for starters is comfy comfy. Not just one comfy, two comfies to get my point across. It's a shirt dress, I snatched up from J.Crew Factory before Easter. They had some super sweet deals going on right before Easter. It's linen-y fabric and light weight detail, will carry this baby right on in to summer! It's not as cheap currently, but keep a close watch and it will most likely go back on sale in the coming weeks, dress is linked here.  Pro tip: you can typically get a better deal in store than online. In store, they typically let you combine coupons, whereas online, you can only use one coupon at a time. I typically wear a small, but I sized up, to add length and to have more flexibility through my shoulders.  

The real reason this is my fave, are THESE SANDALS guys. They are Birks, and I got them today actually, and I haven't taken them off. I've had Birkenstocks before, and I have another pair that are currently in my regular Spring/Summer rotation, but these babies are like wearing little heavenly, pillows under foot. Pure delight. I HIGHLY recommend these. They are definitely a splurge, but I got mine via Nordstrom with some gift cards from credit card reward points, so winner winner, chicken dinnerπŸ—. They run TTS, and are called the Arizona 'soft bed' sandal, linked here. You won't regret it, I promise. They offer multiple colors, and I've seen some other blogger gals hop on the rose gold train, but recently I've been loving all things gold and brass in fashion and home decor, so I went with the gold pair. I think they will be  a neutral anchor to my wardrobe and for sure on repeat because they are SO incredibly comfortable.

Look #2
Look #2, is definitely a contender for my fave. But let me give you the low down on this dress. I ordered it almost 6 weeks ago and it JUST came in. I bought it from Goodnight Macaroon. I've seen several big time bloggers promote this site. For the price point and the detail, I thought I'd give it a shot. After not receiving the dress for 5 weeks and not getting any shipping or tracking info, I finally emailed the company. Within 24 hours, I received a very professional response, and notification that my package would be arriving in less that 48 hours. Coincidence? I think not. Once it finally came, I liked the dress, it's seems to be a quality dress, with pretty embroidery, tassels and pockets, which are my love language. But, the wait time and lack of communication from the company were kind of a turn off for me. Regardless, if you love this dress, and want one too, I'll link it here! I sized up, just because I wasn't sure how it would fit, and for extra length. The site has tons of cute items, priced well, just make sure your order in plenty of time to receive it for when you need it. 

My shoes, I ordered last year on Amazon Prime day, and they have been a fan favorite ever since. They are flat espadrilles from Sam Edelman. Regular price is around $90. But on Prime day I scored mine for around $40. These aren't the exact color, but this Amazon option is linked here. These run TTS, they are super comfy and are extremely versatile, you can dress them up or down and work well into summer and early fall.  I wear no show socks with mine because my dogs are barkin' after a full day walking around with no socks, but otherwise, I love em' and I bet you will too!
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Look #3- I almost fell over for this one because I have terrible balance y'all. But anything for you guys.

Look #3 was my Easter outfit, but can definitely go beyond Resurrection Sunday. My dress came from TJ Maxx, it's the perfect shift silhouette, it's flattering on all body types, it has pockets and embroidery, what else do we need? Nothing I say, nothing. Here's the actual dress from TJ Maxx, but I've linked also linked similar options here & here .   

My shoes with this outfit are another splurge *oops* have you figured out shoes are my weakness?! These came all the way across the pond from a company called Lotta from Stockholm. They are genuine leather and wood clogs from Sweden and they are beautiful. They remind me of something my mom might have worn back in the late 60s early 70s and I love that about them. They are comfortable, but definitely not wear-for-12-hours-straight, comfortable. I saw a version of these in my Magnolia Journal from last month, but went online and found a style I liked best. 

I ordered my normal european size, a 39 based on what the reviews and website recommended. When I first got them, I felt like they were too tight, but after breaking them in, and the leather stretching the 8.5 works for me. Just make sure you read the recommended size for each style of clog. It differs between styles. My clogs are linked here

As for my accessories, they are pretty minimal these days. My earrings are simple gold, button, studs from Old Navy. I couldn't find them online, but linked a similar option here. My necklace, I bought back in August during the half yearly sale at Nordstrom, It's the gold filigree Kendra Scott, and I literally wear it EVERY DAY, it's a great staple that goes with pretty much everything, it's linked here. My sunglasses are also linked here, they are the Justin style. acrylic, tortoise, polarized Ray Bans. 

There you have it buds! Stripes, three ways! I hope you love one, two or all three looks! Let me know what you think, and as always thanks for reading and following along!
P.S. Here's a little life update: I've been riding the struggle bus lately. Since our failed adoption, I've felt quite hopeless. In my mind I say, "God,  I trust you, and I know you can do anything, but you haven't, so are you really going to complete the impossible, like ever?" "God?" "Are you there?" Then it feels silent. Like the presence of Him is so very far away. I don't doubt His goodness, or His mercy, or how blessed I am. I know I've got much to be thankful for, and I've made the lists, to prove it to myself. But, when you've been stuck in a holding pattern of grief, loss and let down for the thing you yearn SO deeply for, for almost 7 years, you start to wonder, is it ever happening for us? Will we ever be parents? I'm going to keep trusting the Lord, seeking His words and waiting. It's not easy, and Joe handles all of this way better than I do, He has to pick me up off the floor and put me back together more than I'd like to admit. I'm not looking for pity, or empathy, I'm just giving you the raw, unfiltered emotions, of what it's like in Kate town these days, just in case you think from my pictures  or posts that I'm totally ok and have my act together- I don't. I'm held together by Jesus, coffee, and under eye concealer, to hide my eye bags. So, please continue to keep us in your prayers, we appreciate and treasure all of them. We know one day we'll have an awesome story to tell, but in the meantime, we need you guys lifting us up in prayer, hugs buds. πŸ’•πŸ‘

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