Shed of Dreams

Oct 1, 2018

By now, if you know me, you know our shed was given a little makeover this Spring/early summer. And let me tell ya, the pretty images you see on IG or anywhere else, didn't start that way. This little shed was like something straight out of the movie Deliverance, it was backwoods-y, dirty, dare I say, redneck-ish? It was the sore thumb in our back yard, it was ugly, unsightly and quite honestly embarasing. Like all wonderful schemes, mine began by watching an episode of Fixer Upper.  You can probably hear Joe sighing a big breath of relief that Chip and Jo are off the air now, and away from my eyes, ears and brain, giving me the opportunity to scheme up projects for himπŸ˜†! Regardless, I saw her garden shed episode, and it's probably one of my favorite episodes, EVER. I love that garden shed (it's actually like a house, honestly) every square inch, every single detail, was perfection. But more than loving that episode, it got me thinking, our shed, needed a major overhaul. And in addition, I could make it a spot to teach flower classes! I've been doing flower arrangements and flowers for weddings for several years now, just on the side, and only when friends and family ask me. But it's something that brings me peace, and major joy, so why not give it a try?! Also, it's not anything I've seen anywhere else, so I felt like it was kind of proprietary, like I'm the first in on such a cool experience! (maybe I'm not, but, I've not seen it anywhere else). So lets jump in the De Lorean, and go back to the future, and check out the shed, pre-makeover.

Scary, right? Well, let me show you my inspo, and then my mood board, for what I had in mind.

All images sourced from Pinterest
Dreamy, right? Here's what I came up with for my mood board...

I also wanted goats and chickens, which I still do, but we've got to pace ourselves people! This was my original mood board, some things were tweaked, but for the most part, it stayed very similar. I ended up going with the exterior color Naval, by Sherwin Williams. And the walls on the inside of the shed are Alabaster, by Sherwin Williams. I'll show swatches below. 

Joe was able to create a board and batten look, by purchasing vinyl, exterior trim pieces and cutting and nailing to the exterior in strips. The exterior had an existing paneling and we covered the paneling with the board and batten strips. He got the door in the clearance section at Lowe's for $50! He trimmed it down to fit the door frame and I sanded and stained it. For the interior shiplap, we went to Lowe's and got them to cut paneling sheets into 8 inch wide strips to look like real, wood, lap siding. Joe nailed to the studs in the shed and we painted over them. It gives the look of real shiplap, for a fraction of the price! 

We also added a small window, which made a huge impact to the exterior of this small shed. In addition, we added a small barn light. I couldn't find any affordable bras options I liked, so I bought a galvanized one, and spray painted it brass. Lastly, we added shutters and a small window box to the exterior, I sanded and stained them the same color as the door, Early American. 

For the interior, Joe poured the concrete counter tops. He built a frame and then mixed and poured the concrete. It was a learning process, and they certainly aren't perfect (which is ok, it's a shed) but he learned and now feels confident he could do them in a house! We also added shelving with cheap L brackets from Lowe's and I painted them matte black. We used simple 2x6 boards that I stained and sanded them for the actual shelves, super cost effective. The large mirror above the sink, was actually three small closet mirrors from Walmart, that we nailed close together and attached shoe molding with liquid nail to give the affect of a large, window mirror, yet, it only cost $20! The faucet, was an amazon find, but would require some extra installation, since it was made to have an extra filtration line, not necessary for the shed, and Joe had to cap off, since we didn't need it. But for the price point and look, it was a steal at $89. The sink was free, #plumberperks. 

My accent wall of baskets, was a cheap investment with big visual impact, I scored most of the baskets from a thrift store for around a quarter a piece. The largest one in the center is actually a floor mat, we got in St. Lucia, on vacation this summer, and few others are bushel basket lids that I got at an antiques festival last Spring. I just attached all the baskets to the wall with small finishing nails, in a flow, I liked. The letters are galvanized from Hobby Lobby, and I spray painted them matte black and attached them with liquid nail to the wall with the help of a laser level! My light fixture came from a second hand store several years ago, I had been saving it for just the right project, and this was the perfect one! 

The gallery wall, was also a cheap project, I just searched for 'free botanical prints, with a black background' til I found ones I liked. I sent them to Office Depot to be printed on cardstock as an 11x17 they were under $8 for all 9 prints.  Then, purchased 11x17 frames from Hobby Lobby. They were originally priced $6.99 a piece and I purchased them when they were 50% off. Making them around $3.25 a piece!

The floor in the shed, was shall we say, gross? It had old chicken poop, mud and only the good Lord above knows what else. We gave it a good power washing and then painted it with concrete floor paint (make sure you ventilate the area well, when using this!) It gave the floor a completely knew look! 

The table, I've had for while, we got it back at an auction several years ago, and I've never sold it, hoping I could use it. The chairs my mom, gifted to me, and we just recovered the seats in a buffalo check, duck cloth. And I sprayed them with scotch guard, to prevent any stains.

We finished the shed, the day before Kamden was born, on purpose. We knew if we didn't finish it before she was born, it probably wouldn't get finished. But, I am so glad we did complete it. It's one of my favorite places to take her, I want her to have a love for gardening, growing, and flowers. We even included the shed in her newborn photos! πŸ’•

As for flower classes, I've hosted two so far, and they have been the most fun! I love that women get to come, be creative, learn something, and meet new friends!

See?! Doesn't it look so fun? It is. 

Is the shed perfect? No way, haha! There's so many things I see, that still need to be done, while writing this post. Am I making a million dollars? Heck no! But I am pursuing my passion, and I'm teaching people something new, and I hope they are leaving feeling empowered, and inspired. So can a little shed make dreams come true? If you ask me, it can :)

If you're local, and would like to take a class, I'd love for you to join me, I keep class dates posted on IG. Thanks for reading along, and as always, if you have comments or questions, feel free to leave them below! 

A big thank you, to social media-less Joe, without his hard work, none of this would have been a possibility. He always gets behind my dreams, no matter how crazy, a finds a way to help me make them happen. πŸ’“
Also, thank you to all of you who have attended my classes so far or have reached out wanting to take my class! Your support and encouragement means everything! 

Fall Home Tour

Did you know it's fallπŸπŸ‚πŸƒ?! Could you not tell from all the pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice candles, pumpkin flavored everything...could you? It's the first day of October, so I wanted to share my house decked out for fall! Hope you enjoy!

Front Porch

First, I wanted to share my front porch. I found these pumpkins and kale at a local nursery where I live. Hopefully, they will make it through the fall season, although it's still pretty warm here in NC, I couldn't resist! I'd love to add more, once the season continues, but this was a great start! The mums came from lowes, I notoriously kill mums, so here's hoping these survive this year. I've heard they key is to water regularly, who'd a thunk, right?! haha I typically don't water til they start looking a little dry and by that time, it's usually too late and they've met their untimely fate πŸ’€. If you've been around since last year, I used the same front door wreath as last season. It's totally ok to re-use decor, that's a theme I've really tried to implement this season, keeping the purchasing to a minimum and re-inventing decor i've used in the past. I made this one last year, here's a link to the post all about it here. I still think it looks great, so I kept it for at least one more season. 


Next up on the home tour, is my entryway. My husband built the table a couple years ago, we got the free plans off Shanty 2 Chic, a great resource with detailed instructions! The biggest change to this area was on the wall. Originally, I had a antique gold frame, that Joe put some old bead board inside of. You'll see this frame in a new room, as part of the tour! I chose to do a gallery wall with botanical prints that I plan to switch out seasonally. I found all the prints online by searching "free fall botanical prints" I sent the files to Office Depot and all 8 were under $10 to be printed. I bought 11X17 frames from Hobby Lobby when they were half off, so they were around $10 a frame. The whole project was around $100. I think it makes a big impact for a fairly inexpensive price. Check it out and see what you think!

All other items you see, I already had, I re-used things from different seasons or shopped other parts of my home to help fill the space. I made the wheat arrangement out of a wheat wreath I made last year for my living room, but I love the way it turned out, I never really loved-loved the wreath, so I like this centerpiece better! If you're looking to decorate seasonally, I'd encourage you to do the same! It's amazing what you can find from other seasons or other spots in your home if you re-imagine them in a different place for a new purpose! The only items not second hand or antique are the pumpkins in the basket, they are from the target dollar spot and the lamp is from Lowes! 

Dining Room

Oh the dining room, currently, the dining room is Kamden's room. It's directly across from our bedroom. There's a pocket door so we can still hear her but not every little grunt at night. I promise she has a real room, it's just upstairs, and let's be real,  Mama's not ready to move her upstairs yet! So, be sure and try to spot Kamden's bassinet and stroller, it will be like a "Where's Waldo" with baby gear πŸ’! 

75% of this tablescape came from items I already had, borrowed or the thrift store, not too shabby! My inspiration piece was the table runner that came from Target, it's from the Hearth and Hand line linked here.  I loved the saturated jewel tones and the mustard-y yellow combined. 
Items that came from Hobby Lobby include the galvanized chargers, the pumpkin in the middle of my centerpiece, the dried eucalyptus, hydrangeas and the yellow sticks? (not sure what they are called) but thats it! The wooden box, we already had, as well as the lamb's ear, white pumpkins, faux feathers and feather picks. I always start arrangements with largest pieces first, then fill in smaller items layer by layer. The napkins, and wicker chargers were from the thrift store, score! The grapevine pumpkins came from TJ Maxx yearsssss ( sense the echo & passage of time) ago and the burlap pumpkins came from the dollar store. I used dried magnolia leaves and wrote names with a chalk pen for place cards (free)! The plates were a gift from my late aunt, but they are simple white plates with a silver rim, you can find similar options at locations like goodwill, thrift stores or TJ Maxx, if you're on the hunt for budget friendly pieces. The gorgeous glasses are the borrowed item, I saw these in my mom's china hutch and thought to myself "self, those match your place settings perfectly!" So, my mom was kind enough to let me borrow them for fall πŸ’ž.

Great Room

 The great room is probably my favorite room in the tour, it's simple, yet I love it! Let me show you πŸ˜„

Remember that frame I talked about earlier? I flipped her vertical and put her on the hearth, perfect spot! Back in the spring, I bought the Floret Flower book, so jam packed full of gardening tips and beautiful floral inspo to boot. In the fall chapter, she highlights Chinese lanterns, although I didn't plant any, or have access to real ones, I absolutely love the look. Instead, I got a few bundles from Hobby Lobby and attached them to an old grapevine wreath I already had. Last year, I was all about neutral tones for fall, but this year I adore the oranges, reds and muted greens. Everything that nature provides in the fall, I wanted to bring inside! I wanted to keep the mantle simple other than the wreath, so I added brass candlesticks from the thrift store for .99 each and ceramic acorns that were a gift from a friend, several years ago. I left the left side empty since the bottom left of the fireplace was pretty visually heavy with mums and pumpkins. I think its so cozy! 

Kitchen/Breakfast nook

Last stop on my home tour is the kitchen and breakfast nook. 

For the kitchen, I kept it sweet and simple. The birch garland I've had for several years, I picked it up at a boutique in Blowing Rock. The amber bottles were in a box in my garage and I rummaged til I found a few and cleaned  them out, (apparently they are all the rage this year!) being a hoarder came in handy 😏. I made the wreath with a few of the picks of what look like persimmons almost? They came from Hobby Lobby and I already had the wreath. The pumpkins came from a local store, and the M was a gift from a sweet friend. 

My centerpiece in the breakfast nook is kind of a cornucopia of items ( see what I did there? 😏) I already had the actual cornucopia and removed the original arrangement inside. I already had the dried hydrangeas (which were free) the white pumpkins, the lotus pods, and dried eucalyptus all from other projects. I only bought the amaranth which was on sale for $2.50 per stem at Michael's ! I kept my place settings the same and just placed dried pears on the plates for a fall vibe. The pumpkin pillows came from Ross last year and were $9.99 for the set! 

That's it, I hope you guys enjoyed my first ever, fall, home tour! Up next, are the links to the other talented ladies that are a part of the home tour. Please take a few moments to check out their amazing homes too! Hope you find all kinds of Autumn inspiration, thank you so much for stopping by!

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